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Easter Island: Land of the Moai

I have always been fascinated by the Moai statues and knew I wanted to visit Easter Island someday. The story of the people fascinate me—an ancient and complex civilization on a small, remote island in the Pacific mostly unimpacted by outsiders that peaked and...

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Four Days of Silence in Lago Grey, Patagonia

I never thought silence can be so loud. That was the thought that soared to my mind as my wife and I stepped into the Martian landscape of Lago Grey in the Torres del Paine National Park. This was our honeymoon and the black, misty shores of the glacial lake wasn’t...

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Quiet Paradise in Bahia Inglesa, Chile

Bahia Inglesa, the English Bay, in Chile I Arrive in Bahia Inglesa Slouched over their sand-flecked pushbikes, four young Chilean men ogle me curiously, their heads tracking my slow movements down the sidewalk. Inside a small corner store and through the window of a...

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LAN Airlines Offers Spring Specials to South America

(MIAMI, FL, March 2012) – LAN Airlines, South America’s premier carrier, and its affiliates invite passengers to celebrate the arrival of springtime by booking a trip to South America. Savvy travelers can get a head start on planning a summer getaway this year by...

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LAN Airlines Announces the Biggest Deal of the Year

 (MIAMI, November 28, 2011) – LAN Airlines, South America´s premier air carrier, and its affiliates announce the biggest deal of the year! Passengers looking to travel to South America next year can book now through December 12, 2011 and enjoy savings on trips to...

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Cemeteries and Penguins in Southern Chile

I was doubly blessed that Christmas Eve. December in the Southern Hemisphere is a time of lingering twilight and balmy summer air, or what passes for “balmy” in southern Chile. I was in Punta Arenas, where the Chilean Andes meet the Straits of Magellan. The first...

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My Last Day in South America

On my last day in South America, I wake up to the calm sound of rain falling atop the metal roof.  Two days before I was tanning on a cushioned lounge chair along the water of Mancora Beach, Peru my mind dizzied, almost drunk, on sun and relaxation. But now I am in...

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Sandboarding Epiphany in Chile

Sitting at the top of a sand dune, with board attached to my feet, wind and sand pelting my face, looking out at the alien terrain reminiscent of Star Wars, is when I finally realized how damn lucky I am.  Maybe it was the altitude or maybe it was the exhaustion from...

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