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This island paradise is considered the most romantic destination in the Pacific. Comprising of 15 small islands, Cook Islands not only boast pristine aqua lagoons, the pace of life and the welcoming locals add to the allure. Cook Islands has a free association with New Zealand and uses New Zealand Dollars.

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Cook Islands travel stories

Travel Mitiaro (video podcast)

Here is the short interview I had with Glenda Tuaine of Cook Islands Tourism about her favorite place in the islands and why you should consider it when traveling to the South Pacific. It really is beautiful. Sorry that this video was so dark. It was at dinner and a...

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Island Night Dance on the Cook Islands

This video comes from "Island Night" at the Crown Beach Resort on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. While I admit being a little humbug at the notion, the music and dancing became infectious. So sit back and enjoy the show. We are also on iTunes, Youtube, Current TV, and...

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A Few Photos of Aitutaki

I was told that if I were going to be visiting the Cook Islands, missing Aitutaki would be a crime. I was told "It was the most beautiful island on Earth!" These are big words. I have heard them before. However, I took forty photos just on the approach of the...

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Rarotonga in a Few Pictures

Here are few of my favorite shots after my brief time in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. I am using a Canon Digital Rebel XT, but still thinking about the Canon 50D. This is mostly using natural light and no photoshop of any kind. That's me looking disheveled and growing a...

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A Maori Feast in the Cook Islands

One of my great joys in life when traveling internationally is taking the opportunity to experience food as it was traditionally prepared. As a rule, I find something both different and memorable. I have been in the Cook Islands for less than two days when a...

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Collectors Rejoice in the Cook Islands

On Rarotonga, I spent the day in downtown Avarua, which is less a city than a handful of shops where tourists and locals can load up on food, clothes and the Internet. It is quaint and charming enough. It also overlooks some wonderful beaches and could not be more...

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