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Costa Rica travel stories

A Stranger Roadtrippen’ in a Strange Land – How I Learned to Road Trip Abroad

Friends often call me a NASA-TV nerd. I watch transfixed by late night filler video of an earth rotating below the orbiting International Space Station, and in the same way I' m fascinated at how Google Earth maps depict the earth from space. I've found it to be my...

Finding the Lost River in Costa Rica

A Hidden Thermal River in Costa Rica's Dry Forest What is Rio Perdido? Floating in the river, I close my eyes and let the hot water wash over me, easing all the stress and fatigue from my body and mind. Blue butterflies drift languidly through the air, floating...

Paradisus Playa Conchal

If you’ve been to one all-inclusive resort, you’ve been to them all. Short of offering some regional cuisine at the buffet restaurant, most all-inclusives lack the personality and charm of their respective countries. Paradisus Playa Conchal on Costa Rica’s...

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