Somewhere in Dubrovnik

Croatia travel stories

The Mayor of Pula, Croatia

Getting lost in a foreign town is an inevitable part of travel. It can be exciting, enlightening and incredibly frustrating, but it's never permanent, as by some mysterious law of the universe a helping hand or friendly face invariably seems to appear. In my case,...

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Croatian Base RyanAir

Budget Airline Ryan Air Opens New Base In Croatia Ryanair has opened its new base in the Croatian city of Zadar – its first in the country. The base, which opened early this month, will serve 17 routes across Ryanair’s network and serve around three million...

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Paint Stains in Grožnjan

His fingers are thick but nimble, looping the black cord in quick practiced movements around the shimmering blue glass pendant. His pale yellow shirt isn’t all plain; maybe the bright orange flakes in the blue pendant are responsible for those washed out stains on...

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Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Dubrovnik, July 10 – August 25 Croatia’s premier cultural event: an international festival of music, theatre and dance in beautiful city of Dubrovnik. This year’s Festival is dedicated to Marin Drzic, famous poet born in Dubrovnik 500 years ago. The unique...

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The Bridge Between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Stands selling oranges frequented the E73 road from Dubrovnik to Mostar. The border crossing from Croatia to Bosnia-Herzegovina was more a formality than anything else. After Nebo, my driver, passed back my passports, he declared that hostilities still lurked...

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The Walls of Dubrovnik

Regardless of what certain guide books indicate, visitors can walk the length of the walls in Dubrovnik without ever descending to street level. The walls are 1940 metres long and along the way there are five bastions, as well as three round and twelve square-shaped...

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Best of Croatia

NEW HOTEL IN PRELOG, MEDIMURJE REGION Prelog is a picturesque town in Medimurje region, northernmost part of Croatia . Medimurje is becoming a new tourist destination in continental Croatia , and Hotel Prelog was just opened in town center. This 3 star hotel is...

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Croatia January/February

CROATIA – HOTTEST UP-AND-COMING COUNTRY Croatia has been voted “hottest up-and-coming country for 2008 by top US Tour Operators. This prestigious title comes after December’s USTOA Conference held in Cancun Dec 2-4. Croatian National Tourist Board was also...

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Travel Packages from Starwood

Last Minute Holiday Travel Packages To Italy, Malta and Croatia from Starwood Hotels and Resorts Starwood Italy and Central Mediterranean, numbering more than 40 properties in Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Asolo, Florence, Rimini, Malta, Costa Smeralda (Sardinia) and...

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Croatia in September

VARAZDIN BAROQUE EVENINGS September 21-30 This is an international festival of baroque music, taking place in the baroque town of Varazdin and its environs (including nearby castles). Many renowned performers from Croatia and abroad take part in concerts happening...

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