Woke up on NCL’s Epic to another beautiful day, this time in St. Thomas. My junior traveler and I grabbed some breakfast before heading out to explore. Everyone else must have had the same plan because the buffet was packed. But it's so big, it was still no problem to find a table to enjoy a quick bagel in coffee.

When I disembarked on St. Thomas, opted to take a shuttle "downtown" to once again track down all of the freebies in the coupon book. You can walk. But it was hot and the walk can be upwards of forty-five minutes long. I managed to gather quite a collection of goodies that day that my junior traveler was excited to share with friends. I even lucked out on a few contests they offered to cruisers and won a few cook bracelets.

After several hours on my feet and a very hot, stuffy shuttle ride, I made it back to the ship. I could not wait to take a nap. But my side kick could not get herself to the pool fast enough. So, after lunch, she and I parted ways for the afternoon. One of the perks of being on a ship, on NCL anyway, you can feel safe letting your eleven-year-old play with her friends on the slides without you being right there. My kind of vacation!

After a quality disco nap, I ventured over to the shops where I found a groovy little jewelry line, also under Lisa Kohan's Sea of Ice line, called Mystic Winds. It looks vintage, but it actually newly handmade in Bellows Falls, Vermont. They call it "wearable art at sea." The cool part was how nothing was glued on like most of the junk you find these days. It was all soldered and made from semi-precious stones, glass beads, Austrian crystal, brass, and copper. Hey, I like my jewelry. Seems only fair that I share my finds!

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