The stunning area of West Sweden offers a wonderful wilderness with rocky coastline, quaint fishing villages, important historical sites, magnificent castles, and as the jewel in its crown "“ there is Gothenburg "“ enchanting and cosmopolitan in equal measures.

Scandinavias largest sea port can be found in Gothenburg.

An ideal way to appreciate the magic of Gothenburg is by bicycle or by foot. Götaplatsen Square provides the cultural hub of the city, a central spot from which you can discover the world-class Opera House, the National Symphony Orchestra, 17 museums including the enthralling Museum of World Culture, and 25 theatre stages.

“My part of Sweden, the west, is often described as Sweden in miniature. Historical places from the Bronze and Middle Ages bear witness to an ancient and rich culture. The cultural life of today is also flourishing. Not least in the region’s ‘capital’ Gothenburg, which recently been publicized in the media all over the world as an up-and-coming city break destination for culture” says Gert Wingardh, Architect, West Sweden.

There is a flourishing caf̩ culture, great shopping opportunities Рfrom boutiques and department stores to local craft markets Рand, as an international city, a busy schedule of events.

Beyond Gothenburg lies a varied cultural landscape. The Nordic Watercolour Museum is found at Skärhamn, Tjörn Island, on the scenic Bohuslän coast. With exhibitions of contemporary and classical watercolour paintings, its location by the sea is as striking as the art. This summer the museum is presenting an exhibition of works by David Hockney, Sam Francis and Raymond Pettibon, who have all created works influenced by California. Also on the coast is the Vitlycke Museum and Rock Carvings at Tanumshede. A Unesco World Heritage Site with carvings dating back 3,000 years, it provides a fascinating look at the region’s past.

A taste of the region’s more recent history can be gained by visits to some of its grand houses, gardens and castles. Läcko Castle and Gunnebo House and Gardens with installations by San Francisco-based designer Topher Delaney- are particular highlights. Cross the country from Gothenburg to Stockholm, with a cruise along the historic Göta Canal waterway, for stunning scenery and opportunities to stop off at sites of interest on the way.

Many international brand names are located in West Sweden, including, amongst others Volvo and Saab, both examples of Swedish excellence.

From the Visit Sweden Newsletter