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Christmas Cruises in Copenhagen

In 2005, the first Christmas cruise visited Copenhagen. This December, the ships will once again find their way to Northern Europe's leading cruise destination. Cruise lines have discovered Northern Europe as a Christmas destination and three cruise ships have...

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The Copenhagen Video (video podcast)

Copenhagen is consistently voted as one of the best cities in the world to live in. Copenhagen is safe and walkable and has a certain gingerbread house mystic while maintaining a progressive and edgy philosophy. Our editor Devin agrees. Take a look at what prompted...

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Christmas in Copenhagen

1. Every day from 1 - 24 December, Danish children open the windows of their advent calendars to find a small gift: a piece of chocolate or perhaps an inexpensive toy. Whatever it may be, it certainly makes the Christmas countdown a little more bearable! 2. Christmas...

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Night of Culture in Copenhagen:

This year, more than 50 new venues are taking part in Copenhagen's Night of Culture. On 12 October, a total of nearly 300 museums, churches, exhibition halls, galleries, political institutions, and other venues all over the city will open their doors, reflecting the...

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Denmark and Sweden Here I Come

This Monday I will fly from Los Angeles, stopping in Chicago before landing in Stockholm, Sweden. I will take in the sites of Stockholm, both great and small before continuing to Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been years since I have been in either country -- not by...

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“Explorations” to the Norwegian Fjords

New York, NY, April 2007 -- Two new tours, the six-day "St. Petersburg Express" and seven-day "Scandinavian Capitals," have been added to Norwegian Coastal Voyage's new "Explorations" program of short vacations. Whether combined with a cruise along the...

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Making, and Missing, Memories of Denmark

It has been a number of years since I visited Denmark. Back in the day, I did not think about culture or cuisine, unless that culture and cuisine was soaked in beer. I was young, in my early twenties and living a fast pace when not glued to an oversized rucksack...

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