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Mud Bricks and Karaoke in Taanayel, Lebanon

"You absolutely must tell your driver to go to Taanayel, you'll love it," my Lebanese friend Lara said. Our conversation was conducted on a cell phone during a drive in the Bekaa Valley and those were the only words I understood clearly. What followed was: 'typical...

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Aboriginal People of Australia

Aboriginal People of Australia Aborigines The three stout Aboriginal women stood in the dusty dirt drive, their deeply-featured faces squinting in the late-day sun. They put themselves in a straight line – I spied them adjusting each other like children lining up in...

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The Eco-Vacation in Trinidad

When traveling it’s often hard to avoid the excesses of traditional hotels and restaurants, but for the eco-conscious tourist it is possible to find earth-friendly accommodations that celebrate and protect nature’s beauty. My husband, Steve, and I had the...

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Nesting Sea Turtles in Los Cabos

Populations of female endangered sea turtles return to Cabo San Lucas beaches for the first time this year -- marking the official kickoff of the 2008 sea turtle season SAN JOSE DELCABO, MEXICO, July 16, 2008 – Each year in July marks the beginning of sea turtle...

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Middle East’s Green Accommodations

Dubai is one of those odd places that I want to see to believe. This release comes from the Dubai newsletter and talks about a new hotel that is both green and budget in Dubai. Both are hard to believe in the land of opulance. It also shows how green policy in tourism...

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Family Adventure in Belize

Combine a Belize Vacation with an Expedition of Discovery New Children’s Program to Teach Rainforest Ecology and Culture The Lodge at Chaa Creek, an award-winning luxury resort in the Belizean rainforest, has been family friendly since its inception in 1981. This...

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Explore Greenland

EXPLORE GREENLAND AND LEARN ABOUT OUR CHANGING CLIMATE DURING TOUR LED BY NOTED ENVIRONMENTALIST DAVID HATCH In summer, Greenland’s isolated Arctic high country offers spectacular scenery and indigenous wildlife that includes a herd of approximately 5,000 musk oxen....

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