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Ecuador travel stories

The Center of the Earth, Quito

Standing 20KM north of Quito the Mitad del Mundo is a thirty-meter tall, stone clad monument, topped by a 4.5-meter diameter globe weighing five tonnes. A white line, representing the Equator line runs through the monument and dissects its East and West face. A sign...

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Lonesome George- the World’s Rarest Animal

The fragility of the natural world in Ecuador (and around the world) can be summed up in just one word: George! George, or Lonesome George as he is more commonly known has come to be an unwitting star in the Galapagos Islands as a symbol for conservationists and...

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Experiencing the Mountain Pass in Ecuador

At 10,000 feet, the air is perceptively thin in the Ecuadorean capital of Quito. Travelers puff and gasp the first few days of their visit. Stone steps and sidewalks seem steeper; footsteps tread slower. This ancient, beautiful city is home to over 2 million...

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In the Eye of the Beholder, part 2

For part one of In the Eye of the Beholder I woke up in our tent wearing nothing but my underwear. A villager told me that I got out of the tent at night and ran around the jungle in a stupor until other villagers caught up with me as I was standing on an edge of a...

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In the Eye of the Beholder, part 1

It is two days later and I still don't have all my memory back. I remember arriving at the village where the Shaman's house was and being a bit nervous. I tried to do some research and asked people I had met and the guides how they felt about such an experience, and...

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My Last Day in South America

On my last day in South America, I wake up to the calm sound of rain falling atop the metal roof.  Two days before I was tanning on a cushioned lounge chair along the water of Mancora Beach, Peru my mind dizzied, almost drunk, on sun and relaxation. But now I am in...

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Down the Nuevo Rocafuerte, Ecuador

The jungle trip began the same way I planned to start my independent journey to Iquitos. Early Friday morning I, along with the guide and five other participants - Alex [the writer's husband], two British girls, a New-Zealander, and an Australian, piled up into a...

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Chasing Galapagos

Luck is often an essential part of a successful trip. If you know were to get some, I'd suggest you pack it in your most accessible backpack pocket "“ it, plus a bit of experience, and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Pierre Constant - the adventurer...

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Going Green in the Galapagos

Ecoventura is the pacesetter in responsible tourism to the Galapagos Islands. Through its core commitment to the ongoing sustainability of this fragile and at-threat ecosystem, Ecoventura is a case study for communities and regions seeking to discourage the negative...

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GrandTravel’s Latest

"ZORBING" IN NEW ZEALAND OR SWIMMING WITH PENGUINS IN THE GALÁPAGOS "“ GRANDPARENTS AND GRANDCHILDREN SHARE MANY EXPERIENCES ON GRANDTRAVEL TOURS Grandtravel continues to find new ways for the two generations it serves - grandparents and grandchildren...

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Galapagos Islands from Boundless Journeys

The Galapagos Islands February 7-16, 2008 Two spaces now available MAKE US AN OFFER! Our February 7th Galapagos Islands trip is fast approaching, and we've just had one cabin (for two guests) become available. This is the only cabin left for all of 2008 as our other...

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