COLES BAY, TASMANIA (February 28, 2011) "“ As Tasmania enjoys its bright and blissful  summer weather, Saffire Freycinet invites visitors to celebrate the season with its exclusive experiences unique to Tasmania. Offering a broad range of activities featuring innovative options for every type of traveler, the resort's activities ensure the opportunity to connect with Tasmania's stunning location.

From romance to adventure, Saffire's activities add greater depth and dimension with excursions like the Wine and Vine adventures where wine lovers can delight in an educational activity at the local Freycinet Winery. Guests learn the art of wine-making while indulging in fine Tasmanian ambiance, beautiful vineyard settings and essential wine tastings.
At the Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm, guests can roll up their sleeves and don their waders to participate in the art of shucking. Located within an internationally significant wetland, the farm allows guests to develop an understanding for wetland, marine ecology and the sustainability of these delicacies raised in the local area. Afterwards, guests are invited to taste the prized Freycinet Pacific Oysters complimented by Saffire's Executive Chef Hugh Whitehouse's four sauces while sipping sparkling wine in your waders at the in-water bar.
Saffire's Wineglass Lookout Walk allows guests to join an experienced and knowledgeable guide in a journey through Freycinet National Park. Walking to the lookout over Wineglass Bay, visitors discover the Peninsula's rich history and observe the infamous white sandy beach. The excursion also offers an up-close and personal observation of the diverse flora and fauna within this magical part of Tasmania.
For a slightly extra cost to guests , Saffire can facilitate experiences such as the one-hour Great Oyster Bay Blast which includes a fast-paced journey aboard Saffire's vessel to Moulting Lagoon and Hazards Beach ($110 per person, minimum four people) or a full-day dynamic expedition throughout Freycinet National Park on a quad bike tour along four-wheel tracks ($150 per person).
At leisure, guests can explore the surrounding Hazard Mountains, Wineglass Beach and Coles Bay on their own with complimentary activities like mountain biking, fishing and kayaking.
Saffire Freycinet rises from its surroundings as a premium boutique property that embraces the beauty and depth of nature. Distinct in its design, exclusive in its features and set apart by its approach to uncompromised service, Saffire offers an experience that we leave guests feeling enriched.