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10 Things to Know About Fiji

My Insights into Fiji Since Fiji Airways flies from LAX (Los Angeles) on a brand new A330, I thought with more people having an opportunity to visit I would offer some of my insights for travelers from my last trip. 1. In Fiji, Bula is the word. 2. Bula is a Fijian...

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Still Fantastic: Fiji After the Hurricane

Hurricane Winston chooses best path through Fiji Yes, there was damage to Fiji but the hurricane's path left the vast majority of the islands unharmed. To learn more about Fiji and how Fiji is waiting for travelers watch my video interview with Ruth of Tourism Fiji....

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Hello Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways Returns Fiji Airways A330 I was either one of the first twenty or so passengers on Fiji Airways new A330 or one of the last to fly on the old Air Pacific, depending on how I look at it. I am running with the former. With Fiji still fresh in my mind, I can...

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Never Forgotten Fiji

There is a mystique that surrounds the beautiful Fijian Islands for most Americans since, indeed, it is a long way to travel and the culture couldn’t be more different than what we know in the United States.  Nevertheless, there is something for everyone with Fiji’s...

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Continental Service to Fiji

TOKYO, August 6, 2009 – Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) today announced new service from its Guam hub and Honolulu to Nadi, Fiji beginning Dec. 18, 2009. The flights will also offer convenient connections from Japan and the U.S. mainland to Nadi. “We are pleased to...

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Fiji Announces Tourism Forum 2009

One of Fiji’s premier events, the Fiji Tourism Forum will be held at the recently-opened Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa on Friday, 14 August 2009. The theme for this year’s event will be ‘The Spirit of Fiji – for New Paradigms’. The ‘Spirit of Fiji - for New...

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Vicarious Vanuatu

Several months back, we added loads of new countries to the pages of In The Know Traveler. The good news was that we expanded our coverage of fantastic destinations from around the world that could easily be found through our destinations page. The bad news was that...

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The Fiji Islands

WHAT: A 322-island nation, with 7,055 square miles of land occupying an ocean area of 426,000 square miles, first charted by American Commodore Wilkes in 1839. The Fiji Islands are generally divided into three groups: the central islands including Viti Levu (4,112 sq....

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