July 26, 2005 — For a fun filled day, and a chance to sample the lifestyle, hospitality and customs of Fiji, in a beautiful and unique setting, visit the Arts Village, Fiji. They have taken a little bit of fantasy and little bit of "mix it with the locals", added it to great shopping, great food, & lots of value for money, and created The Arts Village.

Arts Village is "Fijian Culture alive and strong." Visitors get to interact with locals in a friendly environment and learn about their arts and customs. One of the most spectacular parts of the property is the magical island and its fantasy style tours and shows. Ancient Fiji comes to life "Disneyland Style" as you explore a specially created village either by boat or on foot.

There are several attractions to see with more being added over the next 12 months. The most popular tour is the full day tour, spend the day shopping and being entertained for only FJD$45 per person, kids are half price.

Below are breif descriptions of each of the tours and shows:

Island Boat Tour:Step on board a traditional canoe and go on a magical journey of discovery as Ancient Fiji comes to life on the Boat Tour. Warriors pole you round the lagoon as you sample local foods, meet villagers, and see how Ancient Fijians went about their daily lives. Unique and of all attractions in Fiji, an absolute 'must see'.

Island Temple Tour: Wandering through some of the most sacred places in Ancient Fiji on the Temple Tour is intriguing and at times, even a little scary. Step inside the looming 5 story high Burekalou, the largest and most authentic ancient temple in Fiji. Join the priest as he petitions the gods for a prediction of the future, then warns the Warring Chief of his impending doom. Be part of the action in this exciting and interactive tour. You are part of the action in this exciting display of Fijian life.

Arts Village Shows: The stage comes to life with the spectacular Arts Village Shows. They include the phenomenal Beqa Firewalkers and re-enactments of Ancient Fijian 'Legends and Battles'. Be prepared to laugh, be astonished, be scared, and most importantly, have a unique experience. The Arts Village Show is a mixture of singing, dancing, acrobatic stunts, storytelling, and fighting. Take a seat in the grandstand as the Village is transformed into a spellbinding stage for a magical show.

For adventure, discovery, entertainment and intrigue, head over to the Arts Village, in the heart of the Coral Coast!

You can book directly through any travel agent of tour operatorRosie's, Coral Sun, ATS or any Hotel Tour Desk
Open 7 days a week. Shows and tours run Monday to Saturday
Visit their website at www.artsvillage.com

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