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A Break from CoVid-19 in Finland

As the fireworks exploded over Kalajoki Finland, I reflected on the past two weeks of travel, how easy it had been, and how far away CoVid-19 had felt. The Finn's don't wear masks, they don’t queue outside of shops, and when I asked them about social distancing and...

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Visit a Finnish Home for Culture and Cuisine

What better way to get under the surface of your travel destination than visiting a typical local household? Cosy Finland is a company specialized in giving travellers a unique Finnish experience in the form of visits to local homes, hosted by your everyday Finns....

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Finland’s Slow Food Festival

Local producers, upscale restaurateurs and food aficionados from all walks of life get together at Slow Food Festival in the village of Fiskars October 1st – 2nd 2011. Only an hour’s journey from the Finnish capital Helsinki, up to 10 000 are expected to attend this...

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Helsinki’s New Concert Hall

The opening of Helsinki Music Centre on August 31, 2011 will be an historic event in Finland, a nation largely defined by strengths in classical music. The new concert hall in the nation’s capital is slated to alter the music landscape of the city and the country, and...

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Finland (video podcast)

Finland is the last Scandinavian country I have yet to visit. Fortunately, we have Eileen who caught up with Joe Walkosky of Visit Finland at the Los Angeles Adventures in Travel Expo to get some tidbits of about the country I still need to explore. It looks great!...

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