Local producers, upscale restaurateurs and food aficionados from all walks of life get together at Slow Food Festival in the village of Fiskars October 1st "“ 2nd 2011. Only an hour's journey from the Finnish capital Helsinki, up to 10 000 are expected to attend this year's fresh food fest!

First class fairly produced food can be tasted and experienced in numerous forms at Slow Food Festival. The eco-gastronomic market features products from organic farmers of sheep, beef and pork, as well as fishermen, food artisans and restaurateurs.

Food-themed exhibitions, panel discussions, debates, photography and lectures are part of the programme. Cooking demonstrations and tastings are a given, and live animals will be on show.

Renowned Swedish food author Mats-Eric Nilsson and Ambassador of Nordic Food Michael Björklund will be entertaining crowds, and German-born Christine Linder of Svartå Manor talks about hunting and preparing game while Niko Tuominen, ex-chef at the famed restaurant Savoy in Helsinki, prepares tasty desserts from local berries and goat milk, among other things.

Transport from central Helsinki to Fiskars and back is arranged on both days of the festival. Fiskars village is best known for the former Fiskars Bruk, an ironworks founded in 1646 that later developed into the Fiskars company, making quality design products ranging from kitchenware to gardening tools.

Today, the factory is a budding centre of Finnish art and design. A place of residence for many artisans, artists and designers, the factory area is also a popular tourist destination.

Slow Food is a global non-profit organization founded to promote the production of quality food, local traditions and environmentally friendly agriculture. Slow Food has more than 100,000 members in 153 countries.