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A Peak in Provence, France III

Editor’s Note: This is one installment of a seven-week series from an ITKT featured writer. After breakfast I hike the roads overlooking the village, thanking God for Zumba as I make my way up steep, windy hills.  As usual the vistas are both breath-taking and quaint,...

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A Peak in Provence, France II

Editor's Note: This is one installment of a seven-week series from an ITKT featured writer. After breakfast of croissants and coffee, I explore Collobrieres. Around every corner I gasp at huge, medieval wooden doors, thick wrought iron gates, lavender gardens.  I...

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A Peak in Provence, France

I must confess, after signing on for this trip to France, I had a case of buyer's remorse.  I had vowed to do something exciting, different, meaningful this summer so when I saw the invitation to a Provence writer's retreat, I leapt. Yet not long after sending in my...

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British Airways Offers Summer Flight Deals to Paris

(NEW YORK, May 16, 2012) -- British Airways today announced a special four day sale for travel between New York and Paris this summer -- including nonstop flights in the new OpenSkies 'Eco' cabin. The sale starts today and runs until midnight PT time on Monday, May...

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Valentine’s Day Vacation in Paris Package

(Moonachie, NJ, December 19, 2011) – France Vacations is inviting travelers to fall in love again in Paris by offering a 5-night travel package deal in the heart of this romantic city. From only $1299 per person, couples can savor the “joie de vivre” of Paris through...

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Book a Paris Vacation for Only $799

(Rockville Centre, NY, October 10, 2011) — There are some deals that are just too good to pass up, and when you see a travel offer that includes round-trip airfare to Paris and 5 nights' hotel accommodation, it's time to book now.   The Paris City Vacation was...

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Spring Frogs in France

The frogs come out in spring. When the sun warms the earth, the snow on the surrounding peaks melts away and the daffodils push through the thawing banks, they suddenly appear.   As the icy surface of the lake disappears, frog spawn appears in huge slimy balls at the...

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Getting Around in Monte Carlo

What traveler of the French Cote d'Azur (the French Riviera) can possibly resist the temptation to take a side trip to Monaco and its capital Monte Carlo? To look at the cathedral where Grace Kelly became a princess, and sadly also buried, to marvel at the...

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The Perfect Picnic in Paris

Eating out in Paris can prove quite costly. So when I found out that le pique-nique is a favourite past time of Parisians, I made it my mission to find the best picnic place in town. For a city with not so many green spaces, it turns out that Paris is a picnicker’s...

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The Abbey of Mont St Michel

Erupting out of pleasant landscape of the Normandy coast in northern France is this small isle, reaching toward the heavens, as enticing as it is bizarre.

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French Luxury & Hospitality

August 11, 2009 – Surrounded by the largest wine producing region in France, there is always a reason to raise a glass in Carcassonne. But beginning on September 1, 2009, Hôtel de la Cité – located in the heart of the medieval citadel – has something special to toast....

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