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Hey all, we're happy to announce a new giveaway item. This time we offer you this really cool item, Juicebar, to help you stay charged even when you're hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, waiting in base camp in the Himalayas for a blizzard to pass, or in an Australian outback dead zone. About the size of a roll of quarters, the Juicebar can travel inconspicuously in a pocket and keep you connected.
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The Power Tube Portable Device charger from Juicebarâ„¢ delivers all the charging power you need for your mobile electronics when you need it most. This small charger is no larger than a roll of quarters and will fully charge your phone, handheld console, or portable media device with power to spare.

What’s special about this pocket power supply?

"¢ Charges any small mobile device, including cell phones, game consoles, and portable media devices
"¢ 2,200 mAh capacity provides more than a full charge for most devices
"¢ Small 3" x 0.87" diameter size easily fits inside any pocket or bag without being too bulky
"¢ Includes USB-A connector, micro USB, mini USB, and Nokia® connector cables, covering most modern devices for right-out-of-the-box use
"¢ Charges via PC, laptop, plug-in adapter or USB receptacle, ensuring that a convenient charging source will always be nearby
"¢ Built-in level indicator is red while charging and blue when fully charged, providing you a with simple way to keep tabs on its status
"¢ Holds a charge for over 30 days, allowing a wide window of preparation for emergencies
"¢ Ideal for ensuring you don't lose power in your portable devices at inopportune times

What comes with the JuiceBar
"¢ Charger
"¢ Connector cable
"¢ Micro USB
"¢ Mini USB
"¢ Nokia connectors
"¢ Instructions