Bradley Fink has been one of our talented writers and here is a release on his first collections of stories. How exciting! We, at ITKT, wish Brad much success and maybe even a Pulitzer.
Editor ITKT

A new book has been published and released, Sketches of a Young Man Wandering & Other Stories, by Bradley Fink. It is an exceptional first book by a young American writer. It hasn’t hit the shelves yet, but you can buy it now at We hope that you enjoy his stories.

Thanks for reading.

About the Author
For most of thirty years Bradley Fink has lived on the southern coast of Florida. Having studied writing at Florida State University and New York University, he has written fiction and editorials for a number of international publications. Right now he is somewhere far away on travels around the world. Sketches of a Young Man Wandering & Other Stories is his literary debut.