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A Hidden Concert
in a Berlin Warehouse

It is a chilly Sunday evening in Berlin. Late October and the trees have shaken off their leaves. I shuffle my feet through piles of golden yellow and approach two steel doors with graffiti scrawled on them. Two smokers huddle in the cold, shifting from one foot to...

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“Next Train Game” – Aachen, Germany

My favorite thing to do when traveling is - play the “Next Train Game”. As a traveler it can become monotonous waiting for the train to so-and-so place at so-and-so time. I don’t want to spend my time waiting to travel, I want to be traveling each and every moment I...

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  7 tips on how to make the most of Oktoberfest This Saturday, September 21, Oktoberfest will open its gates for the 180th time with the famous words “O’zapt is!” (It’s tapped!). If you want to experience it like a local, here are seven tips on how to make the most of...

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27 Michelin Stars for Berlin and Hamburg

(December 19, 2011) – Northern Germany’s top chefs in Berlin and Hamburg continue to rack up Michelin stars, firmly establishing the two cities at the top of the country’s gourmet food chain. Their young, inventive and creative chefs have solidified the trend toward a...

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Cologne Revisited

The train shudders as it crosses the bridge to Cologne. Barges and cruise ships pass below on the Rhine. Cologne straddles the river for miles; a million plus citizens call it home. Koeln Hauptbahnhof is one of Germany’s major train stations, its tracks spreading like...

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Catch World Cup Fever in Germany

Eurail Group G.I.E. wants to alert travelers to Europe, especially ardent soccer fans on their way to the Women’s World Cup Soccer in Germany, that Eurail Passes continue to offer great value for money and provide tremendous flexibility in planning itineraries for...

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The Toy Museum in Munich

Standing in the historical center of Munich, the Marienplatz, while looking at the massive Rathaus, I got a first impression of toys at play. Every hour, the Glockenspiel chimes and out comes the figurines of Bavarians dressed in traditional clothing, dancing high up...

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Potato sculpture in Munich

What to do on a rainy day in Munich? I looked at the information leaflet I had picked up at the Tourist Information Centre on Marienplatz and found, to my delight, two quirky sounding museums. One was the Nachttopf Museum (chamber pot museum) and the other the...

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Architecture and More in Dusselforf

Apart from it being Germany’s richest city, the nation’s advertising and fashion capital (where Claudia Schiffer was discovered), and the hub of many Japanese corporations and banks, it’s also a city of eclectic art -- ultimates and extremes, a sensational mix of...

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ITKT Interviews Munich (video podcast)

Maryl Celiz gets a few answers from Munich's rep, Mary Phillips at the Visit Europe Media Exchange held in Los Angeles. Munich is known for its great food and beer. Can you say Octoberfest? I have. It may have been a while, but I remember the suds overflowing. Not...

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Vote for the New 7 Wonders

In what could be the largest vote ever, the world will soon choose the New Seven Wonders of the World to stand alongside the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World. In January, the New7Wonders committee, chaired by Dr. Federico Mayor, selected 21 finalists out of the 77...

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Germany’s Magic Cities

On the runway in Germany’s Magic Cities this fall are unusual shopping environments created in elegant promenades, charming passageways, historic buildings and futuristic, glass arcades. The cities of Germany’s nine-member city alliance, including Berlin, Cologne,...

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