There is a certain joy to walking through streets of a newly visited city, just to get lost. I had been spending most of my afternoon in Old San Juan finding shade under skinny trees, watching the most cheerful protest ever (I thought it was just a well-organized street party instead of a serious issues with local teachers), and admiring the fabulous architecture, when it was time to go home — I stayed at the Marriott in the Condado area.

People I had spoken with suggested I take a cab due to the heat, the easy way to get back to my hotel. I planned for it, but opted against it at the last second as a soft wind kicked up and thought some spf 30 would protect me well enough. More importantly, as I was flipping through my Moon Puerto Rico guidebook, I noticed the printed maps connected my route home: Calle San Francisco, which became Av. Munoz Rivera at the fort (Castillo de San Cristobal) before a long stretch through a beautiful beach-side walk. All I needed to do was make a left at the bridge and then stay on Avenida Ashford the rest of the way. The walk took and hour and was well worth the extra effort. There is swaying palms, a pretty park, and a delicious hamburger stand (I am told the best in Puerto Rico) along the way.

Alright, so I like to get lost. I also like to use maps to find my way back.