Singapore (December 6, 2006) — Newly-opened at Pan Pacific Singapore, Global Kitchen features a contemporary setting and a global gourmet menu, where diners can enjoy a world-class extravaganza of hand-picked premium ingredients presented in a variety of cooking styles. Located on level 3 of Pan Pacific Singapore, Global Kitchen is set to make a difference in the dining scene with making this hotel restaurant being the "place to be" for guests and locals alike. Set against a contemporary and inviting ambience, Global Kitchen focuses on the philosophy of achieving the art and science of good eating, the essential elements that gastronomy is based on.

The a la carte restaurant offers two menus; "Culinary Arts" is a selection of gourmet compositions presented with modern easy elegance while "Favourites" comprises of a collection of oft-requested classics. The guiding principle of the conceptualization, creation and presentation of the dishes is based on art and science "“ in ensuring that the selected ingredients are of premium quality, in the prime seasonal best and present complementary flavor accents when paired. Each dish is creatively presented and intended to provide a balance between nourishing the body while satiating gourmet palates. A variety of menus allow diners the flexibility to dine a la carte or participate in culinary dalliance with dégustation menus that evolve with the seasonality of the ingredients.

Representing a (r)evolution in the culinary scene, the Resident Chef presents a select menu of light yet intense culinary options true to the two main concepts of achieving the art and science of good eating. The verdict of self-undertaken market research was that diners increasingly favor quality over quantity, preferring light and exciting dishes over traditional and predictable buffet lines. As people become increasingly body-conscious, the mindset towards satiating appetites has less to do with quantity and all about quality.

Global Kitchen will serve a gourmet a la carte menu for lunch and dinner. An Executive Set Lunch will be available for business professionals looking to conduct an efficient and enjoyable power lunch meeting. For dinner, guests may request a dégustation menu comprising of complementary selection of dishes from the Culinary Arts menu. To commemorate special occasions, custom-tailored dégustation menus can be created in advance to suit guests' preferences. Key to the dining concept, Guest Chefs will be a key feature of Global Kitchen.

Dining becomes sensorial art beginning from the aesthetical pleasure derived from the clean, modern design of the interior décor. The white walls and compressed marble floors are complemented by elegant dark wood fittings while custom-made orange and green chairs create warmth in the color scheme. The existing floor space was purposefully defined via the use of sheer curtain and drapery with specific seating arrangements to accommodate various seating preferences.

In addition to the main dining area, there are banquettes ideal for intimate dinners while four saloons and a private dining room are ideal choices for accommodating larger dinner parties. Regardless of seating, the overall ambience is one of intimacy and adds to the coziness of the dining experience. Lighting plays an integral part in the design scheme of Global Kitchen. By day, the natural daylight afforded by the large skylights achieves the feel of an inviting and airy space while after sunset, the intelligent lighting system becomes more evident, the play of the changing wall background colors adding to the depth and mood for diners.

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