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Greece: Highlights of Athens in One Day

Yes, I have just eight hours to see Athens and am pleasantly surprised at how much I am able to do. I climb to the top of the Acropolis and admire the four main structures up there. I wander the streets of Plaka, the old city, and even have time for lunch at a...

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The Secret Side of Santorini

“Santorini would not be what it is without Pinterest.” As my Greek taxi driver maneuvered the twisting turns around the volcanic mountains, the island was laid out below us: scattered farms, lush, vibrant plains of fields, the occasional church with its snow white...

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Kids free cruising on Costa

Costa Cruises Launches 'Kids Free' Promotion on Select Europe Sailings HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (April 8, 2013) -- A European vacation is more affordable with Costa Cruises' "Kids Free" spring and summer promotion that lets families of four sail for the price of two guests....

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Find the Real Greece with Sunvil

Greece is a country of many charms. Its status as the birthplace of the ideas behind philosophy and government intact, the country boasts impeccable historical pedigree; its world heritage sites alone enough to make most archaeologists green with envy. Whilst sating...

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Find the Autumn Sun with a Greek Cruise

(Libertyville, IL, September 7, 2011)—Greece boasts warm sunny days through the end of October, so find the autumn sun with TourCrafters’ Athens and Aegean Cruise package that starts at $1,048 through October 15, and only $990 from October 16 to 31. The 7-day...

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Breathing the Spirit of Delos, Greece

They say that there are a few places in the world which exude spirituality and energy , sending positive vibes to any visitor who comes near. Bali is thought to be one such place, as is Baalbeck in the Lebanon and the Greek island of Delos. Unfortunately due to lack...

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Sidetracked on the Greek Island of Samos

The starting point of my recent seven-day island hopping adventure was the Greek Island of Samos. I have visited before, but as this was only an overnight stop to catch the early morning ferry to Mykonos, I decided to not stray further than Vathi, the capital of...

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Venetians, Ottomans and Lepers on Kalidon

You can easily spend a week on the Greek island of Crete, go on a different trip each day and still only have scratched the surface because there is so much to do and see. According to Greek mythology, the infant Zeus was raised in a cave in Mount Ida, which is the...

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Holding up the World in Samos, Greece

Back again in Turkey, I don't seem to be able to stay put. There is so much to see and to do and many wonderful Greek islands are so close by that they simply beckon for a day trip. My first was from the Turkish port town of Kusadasi to Samos. Kusadasi is well known,...

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TourCrafters Offers Sailing in Greece

Libertyville, IL, March 23, 2010—There’s no more relaxing and fun vacation than sailing the Greek Islands—watching dolphins cavort in the waves, swimming from secluded beaches, visiting picturesque villages or ancient ruins and having dinner in a lively taverna at the...

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The Hippocrates Tree in Kos, Greece

I spend several months each year in my small home in Didim, Turkey, a lovely fishing village half way between the more well-known Bodrum and the city of Izmir. It's an ideal starting point for extensive travel in Turkey, but also for day trips by boat to several...

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Underground Samos, Greece

I'm at present traveling in Turkey, a country which all by itself has a lot of attractions. However, an added bonus is the proximity of many Greek Islands which can be easily reached by ferry. One of them, which I decided to visit yesterday, is Samos, home to...

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