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25% Off by Astra in Santorini

Santorini, GREECE, January 26, 2009 "“ One of the leading boutique properties in Santorini "“ one of the most popular Greek islands "“ is offering a spring special for the first time ever. From April 1 to 30, excluding the Greek Easter weekend, Astra is...

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Food and Wine in Thessaly, Greece

When I arrived at the coastal village of New Anhialos in the Greek province of Thessaly, I was enveloped by my aunt's strong arms. My uncle stuffed the luggage into the trunk, and drove the few blocks to their home. Before the last suitcase was unloaded, Aunt...

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Five Fabulous Foods in Greece

As the pine-green tour bus wound its way through the tree-laden mountains of central Greece, I had to bite my lip and focus on deep, cleansing breaths. No, I was not hyperventilating from the height, and our driver was a model of road decorum. I was attempting to...

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Mamma Mia! Discount in Santorini

Astra in Santorini Offers 25% Savings in October Santorini, GREECE, August 18, 2007 "“ One of the leading boutique properties in Santorini "“ that iconic Greek island all over movie screens this summer and glimpsed in Mamma Mia* "“ is offering a fall...

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Monemvasia: The Medieval Treasure of Greece

The towering rock of Monemvasia topped by a fortress, rises from the sea on the south eastern coast of the Peloponnese. Known as "Rosemary of the East", or "the Gibraltar of Greece," it has been a fortified settlement since ancient times. It got its name...

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Gutsy Woman Culinary Tour

This release from Gutsy Women Travelers is one for my Aunt that keeps threatening to travel more. This would be perfect the foodie of the fairer persuasion. -Editor ITKT- Fort Washington, PA - July 1, 2008 -- Gutsy Women Travel, a leading operator of experiential...

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15 Days in Greece and the Greek Islands

I just made this trip in the fall and loved it. However, I did not do it with this tour operator. Having said this, I recommend taking some Dramamine for anyone considering a boat to Santorini, etc. due to the temperamental Aegean Sea and sea's ruler the Greek Goddess...

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PerryGolf’s Mediterranean Golf Cruises

Luxurious, 34-guest Callisto brings golfers within a chip shot of spectacular courses and historically important sights WILMINGTON, N.C. (May 16, 2008) "“ If a golf cruise to the Mediterranean onboard a private yacht to play spectacular courses and visit...

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More on Santorini

One of the great joys of traveling on a small island is the ability to explore the island. The logistics of getting from one place to another. For example, while driving anywhere in Greece can be a challenge, visitors can drive from Ancient Thera and the black sand...

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Dessert Discovery: Santorini

Put fresh ingredients, cutlery, and pans in my hands and expect a disaster. However, I have developed an educated palette over the years. I also know when something is so particularly delicious that I have no choice but to sing off of roof tops to offer well-deserved...

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What No One Tells You About Santorini

There is a rugged natural beauty to rocky cliff-side settings. Glistening water viewed from high up on a mountain edge is breathtaking no matter how over-used the word 'breathtaking' is. It is all so beautiful and inspiring. However, if you are a traveler, like...

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A Few Surprises in Athens

Okay, I am officially surprised. I have been riding the metro, buying the shopping districts, enjoying the pistachios -- found on a cart next to the subway station sold by a toothless woman -- and snacked on Greek fast food, which can found on every street corner....

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