Somewhere near Nuuk

I visited Greenland about ten years ago during a brief moment in time when Greenland Air was offering flights from Baltimore. It was an adventure. Nuuk is home to the “real” Santa Claus (who carries a narwhale tusk as a walking staff) and the world largest mail box. Sailing through the icebergs inspired me. The food is limited to a lot of fish, seal, whale and even polar bear but it was not as limited as many might think. This was true across the board. Thanks to Denmark, Greenland has access to most everything a traveler would want or need. And yes, it was cold .

I spent two weeks in Greenland recommend dogsledding, eating whale blubber, meeting locals, taking a stroll on the Polar Ice Cap and being in awe of the absolute vastness of its snow and ice.

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Greenland travel stories

How to Get to Greenland

How to Get to Greenland

If package tours are not for you and you want to plan your own trip day by day, a good place to start is on Air Greenland, or Air Iceland. All that clicking to and from websites, searching for dates and prices, can sometimes make you lose sight of the overall...

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Greenland on a Budget

New York, NY, July 2009 -- As interest in Greenland grows, especially as regards its ongoing significance in the global warming debate, Hurtigruten is making it easier and more affordable for North Americans to get a first-hand look at the changing landscape and learn...

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Experience Greenland’s Coastline

Onboard the coastal "buses" you can meet the population of Greenland that is also on the move. The sailing route follows the coastline and the view is constantly changing. Travelers pass the time in the lounge reading, playing cards or watching videos,...

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Explore Greenland

EXPLORE GREENLAND AND LEARN ABOUT OUR CHANGING CLIMATE DURING TOUR LED BY NOTED ENVIRONMENTALIST DAVID HATCH In summer, Greenland's isolated Arctic high country offers spectacular scenery and indigenous wildlife that includes a herd of approximately 5,000 musk...

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Cruise Denmark to Greenland

Travel tip: Cruise the Atlantic from Denmark to Greenland At the beginning of June, Albatros Travel is arranging a unique transatlantic cruise lasting 16 days from Copenhagen to Greenland via Bergen (Norway), the Faeroe Islands, Vestmanna Islands, Iceland, Cape...

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The Greenland Backgrounder

OVERVIEW Greenland, a part of the Danish realm, was discovered by Norways Erik the Red after he was exiled from Iceland. It was he who gave the land the name "Greenland" in hopes of enticing settlers to the wintery destination from the more temperate...

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Explore High Arctic for Climate Change

See the Effects of Global Warming First-Hand Global warming. You've read about it, heard about it on television but likely never have witnessed first-hand its troubling impact on this planet. Now you can, by joining one of a series of "Changing Climate"...

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Fly for Free, Greenland

New York, NY, January 2008 -- Greenland, a rising star on the radar of many experienced travelers, has just gotten less expensive. Hurtigruten, a dominant player in the field of expedition cruising, has announced a “Book A Suite – Fly For Free” special on four...

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Memories of Delicious Greenland

They may do Starbucks in the mornings, I thought, but I rationalized they were the health-food addicted with an eye for morally conscious alternatives to the food I enjoy. I stood in the health food aisle and watched tanned and well-toned ladies flock around a woman...

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Unusual Museums in Germany

From science and technology to Easter eggs and everyday life in the former GDR - Germany's museums have it all. The exhibitions are fun, unique and simply not to be found anywhere else in the world in quite the same way. In northern Germany, find out how a tornado...

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