Somewhere near Nuuk

I visited Greenland about ten years ago during a brief moment in time when Greenland Air was offering flights from Baltimore. It was an adventure. Nuuk is home to the “real” Santa Claus (who carries a narwhale tusk as a walking staff) and the world largest mail box. Sailing through the icebergs inspired me. The food is limited to a lot of fish, seal, whale and even polar bear but it was not as limited as many might think. This was true across the board. Thanks to Denmark, Greenland has access to most everything a traveler would want or need. And yes, it was cold .

I spent two weeks in Greenland recommend dogsledding, eating whale blubber, meeting locals, taking a stroll on the Polar Ice Cap and being in awe of the absolute vastness of its snow and ice.

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Greenland travel stories

Finally, an Easy Way to Greenland! (video podcast)

I catch up with Peter Litner of Air Greenland to discuss the upcoming launch of direct flights from Baltimore to Greenland, for the first time ever in May, at the Los Angeles Times Adventurers Expo. For more on Greenland at ITKT. This podcast was produced by Wayfarer...

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Cruise from Arctic to Antarctica

New York, NY, December 2006 -- In announcing what is believed to be a true first for the cruise industry, Norwegian Coastal Voyage has unveiled a new 66-day Expedition, "World Cruise "“ From Arctic to Antarctica," filling passenger's passports with...

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There is a Santa Claus!

The rain became ice that fell sideways against a furious wind. I also trudged at an angle toward the last building on the deserted street against a windswept coastline featuring the largest mailbox I had ever seen. It was bright red and contrasted Nuuk's gray...

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The Remote Arctic and the British Isles Tours

BIRMINGHAM, AL, October 31, 2006 "“ For those who seek real adventure, breathtaking scenery and rare creatures from unspoiled locales, International Expeditions is offering two journeys in 2007 that will visit some of the world's remotest regions. The world...

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Greenlandic Coffee

Okay, so this is bit of a marketing ploy by Greenland Tourism. However, it was one popular drink the night I spent at the Arctic Hotel in Sisimiut, Greenland, and may be worth exploring. It followed a presentation by some of the participants of the Inuit Games, a...

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Creating Greenland, On the First Day

Once upon a time and very long ago, the people of Greenland would gather together in a great room to play the Games of Darkness. Because there was only darkness throughout the world. In this game, people would pair off in total darkness, one man and one woman. In the...

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In the Beginning, Raven and Greenland

Prior to Christianity, Greenland had its own nature-based religion where men and women had to accept their place among the difficult conditions of Greenland's unpredictable weather and cold. Raven is a curious bird. In the beginning, Raven sat alone in the dark....

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Being on the maiden direct flight to Greenland from the States had its moments. Delays and anticipations mostly. For me, one of the most unique and perhaps forbidden destinations in the world. What would I find there. Culture? Cold? Hopefully some of both. So far, I...

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Maiden Voyage to Greenland

One of the founders of In the Know Traveler is on a unique voyage this week: he is part of a small group of press that is flying on the first journey from North America to Greenland, in what will become a standard on-stop flight. Leaving from Baltimore, Maryland the...

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Going the Extra Mile, Spending the Extra Dollar

While planning for my upcoming Greenland trip, there were lots of little extras I would normally not have to buy — warm clothes mostly. I had decided to get some good long johns, a wool cap, some waterproof gloves, goggles, and that should do it. The jacket I...

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Camera Talk: More Packing for Greenland

As I discussed in my last story about lugging a tripod to Greenland, sometimes the extra work is worth the effort. Along a similar line there is another crucial camera accessory worth lugging to Greenland, as well as any other destination with inviting landscapes....

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Cruise Ship for Greenland

New York, NY July 2006 -- Norwegian Coastal Voyage's MS Fram, currently being built by Italian shipyard Fincantieri, is on schedule for its maiden voyage in April, 2007. The 12,700-ton, 328-berth, eight-deck ship, the first cruise ship built exclusively for...

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