Okay, so this is bit of a marketing ploy by Greenland Tourism. However, it was one popular drink the night I spent at the Arctic Hotel in Sisimiut, Greenland, and may be worth exploring. It followed a presentation by some of the participants of the Inuit Games, a series of impressive events and tests of strength. The woman in the red T-shirt (Helga Neilsen, the coach of the national team) toyed with several volunteers before crushing them. She is pictured with the Gold Medal winner. I suppose the drink was inspired by the need to feel warm. This recipe was recently shared with me by the friendly folks at the Arctic Hotel.

Inuit Games in Greenland by Devin Galaudet for InThe KnowTraveler.com The Recipe
Start with whiskey to symbolize the rough weather of Greenland.Greenlandic Coffee by Devin Galaudet for in The Know Traveler
Add Kalua for the sweetness of Greenland.
Heat so that the Kalua and whiskey blend together.
Now add coffee to offer the darkness of Greenland.
Top with whipped cream to symbolize the icebergs.
Finally, set Grand Marnier aflame and pour together.

Drink and enjoy. I can’t say this is particularly traditional, but certainly fun.

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