Somewhere in Antigua

Guatemala travel stories

Guatemala Revealed

A blaring buzzer abruptly invades my dreams. I have fallen from that castle in the air to land on the bed of my shadowy hotel room. My eyes are wide open, but I can’t see a thing. I frantically fumble for my phone atop the nightstand. I finally manage to swipe off the...

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A Day in Chichicastenango

Chichicastenango Guatemala Arriving in Chichicastenango Early Sunday morning I found myself on an uphill shuttle scaling winding roads and crossing lush terrace fields on my way to Chichicastenango. Every Thursday and Sunday the sleepy little town that lies on a...

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Among the Clouds
On Tajumulco, Guatemala

Climbing Tajumulco My boots crunch the gravel underfoot as I stare down a volcano. Tajumulco rises impressive before me, a ring of clouds surrounding its base, the only thing to hint this is the highest peak in Guatemala and all Central America. At 4,220 meters (or...

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Colonial Duo Tour

  New Colonial Duo Program: El Salvador and Guatemala 6 days Day 1 - Airport to Suchitoto Welcome at the airport and transfer to Suchitoto City. Overnight at Suchitoto. Day 2 - Old City Suchitoto Tour, colonial architecture The city of Suchitoto that offers an essence...

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Burning of the Devil in Guatemala

Traditional Burning of the Devil in Antigua, Guatemala Every year on December 7th an effigy of the devil is set ablaze in Antigua Guatemala. This signifies the cleansing of evil from homes and a fresh start of the Christmas season. An Annual Event in Guatemala As...

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Guatemala Launches the Mayan B`Aktunes Route

(NEW YORK- MAY 17, 2012) -The Guatemala Tourism Board, INGUAT, and the Guatemalan Ministry of Culture have announced the launch of the B’aktunes Route, a special cultural route that features archeological sites with strong evidence of the Maya Calendar’s Long Count...

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My Favorite Photos from Guatemala

Well, what I really mean is favorites for now. I found Guatemala and interesting vision country and if I had more time I would have likely come home with triple the amount of photos I had taken during my stay. Still, I got lucky with some good lighting and inspiring...

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The CATM and Miss Guatemala

My visit to CATM (Central American Travel Mart) in San Salvador, El Salvador, was three days of meetings, networking, sightseeing, business lunches, awe of local artisans and a constant, but futile, effort to improve my Spanish. In all aspects, I would call an...

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The Luster of Lanquin, Guatemala

Take a canopy tour in Tikal. Climb a volcano outside of Quetzaltenango. Lounge on the sunny shores of Lake Atitlan. Guatemala offers a variety of places to partake in both adventure and relaxation, but no place combines the two more perfectly than the rural village of...

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GVI Volunteer Travel Packages

(BOSTON, Mass. – May 30, 2007) - Global Vision International is a recognized leader in volunteer travel and promotes sustainable development by supplying international volunteers, equipment, funding and training to governmental groups, charities, NGOs and communities...

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