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Wild Trees Over Mountains – CCO License

Most of us experience the wilderness of Africa through the movies and some through stories. We often see people on t.v. Going on African tours and seeing the wildlife firsthand. We also see the animals that they often interact with on their tours.

A lot of people think that African tours are expensive and dangerous. It's like your paying other people to endanger you. However, the experience and the cost is well worth it because it's safe and not necessarily expensive. People who think that way should reconsider and think about going to the savannas of Africa.

If you're convinced of going to the wildlands, you might want to know beforehand about the things you might experience there. Continue reading below to have a look.

You Don't Need a Lot of Things

When you first arrive in the heart of the wildlands in Africa, you might notice that you don't need a lot of things to enjoy the trip. Wear appropriate clothes such as neutral colored cotton shirts and other clothing that will help you keep cool during the heat of the trip. Don't wear attractive colors as you'll want to observe the wildlife, not attract them.

Mosquito repellents are particularly useful because there are a lot of mosquitoes in the bushes and tall grass that your tour group will traverse. You might notice that a lot of people bring in safari hats just for looking cool. However, you'll soon realize that safari hats are more than just for looks, it'll help protect you from the extreme heat.

Depending on the rules of your tour guide, a camera with bright flashes may be prohibited because it can scare off some animals during the trip. You can visit sites like www.dealwiki.net to get a look at more items you can bring along your vacation.

Early Bird

T.V. might tell you that the tours you see are done in the afternoons. This perception might lead you to think that it's okay to oversleep during your trip. The reality is that Safari tours and camps usually start in the early hours of the morning. The reason why they wake up early is to catch a glimpse of the animals that are nocturnal which are just making their way up to rest.

Another reason why guides like to be early is that they want the tour group to enjoy the day. Although there are groups that offer night tours, most tour guides prefer the safety of the day because of predatory animals being more active at night.

The Bush is Where You do Business

Since you'll be out in the wild for most of the day, ladies and gentlemen don't have the luxury of going to a proper comfort room. This reality means that you'll pee and poo in the bush. Adding to the list of to-bring-items is a hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and tissue paper.

Don't forget to bring a resealable plastic bag to store all your wastes. It's a big no to leave trash in the bushes.

Animals, Animals, and more Animals

The animals you'll see on a safari are quite wild and exciting to look. A lot of times, you'll find yourself from a few feet away from huge animals like elephants and hippos. Sometimes, you'll need binoculars to see rare birds perched on faraway branches.

It's an exhilarating experience, especially if you get to see the actual animals in their natural habitat doing their natural behavior. You might get to see a lion stalk their prey which some may find uncomfortable. A good thing to remember is that your tour guides will provide safety guidelines for you to follow.

For any reason, do not get out of your vehicle without supervision. Do not try to get near or touch an animal. Most accidents during tours occur when a tourist blatantly breaks safety protocols just to feel or get an up-close look at the wildlife.

Cell Phone Signals on Safaris

Some of you might ask about wifi and cellular coverage on safari trips. The answer to that is most camps have wifi via satellite in case you need to check your emails and want to be online. However, when you're out in the savannah, tour guides will require you to turn off your mobile phones.

Loud noises coming from mobile phones spook away animals. Even a loud voice from a boisterous tourist is enough to drive away deer, lions, and other animals in the wild.


Watching animals on National Geographic and Discovery Channel might be a good watch, but experiencing a wildlife safari firsthand is more exciting. Follow the safety rules provided by your tour guides and enjoy the trip.

Written by: Cynthia Crane

 Cynthia Crane pic Cynthia Crane is a writer and blogger who loves travelling to unique places around the world. She often writes about her experiences during her travels and is very particular with exotic cuisines that her destination offers. When not writing, Cynthia stays at home to relax and enjoy quality time with family.


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