The Nomads of the Seas expedition cruise begins its second season offering its passengers the opportunity to travel across new territory and impressive scenery, previously explored and carefully chosen by our crew during off season. These awe-inspiring sights are hidden among the mountains, glaciers, virgin forests, lakes and fjords of the Chilean Patagonia.

In the farthest corner of the world, Nomads of the Seas opens this season with new activities that will allow you to participate in soft sports while being immersed in Nature, providing you with an unforgettable life experience. There are new fly fishing circuits and destinations, and new outdoor activities like jet boat expeditions, rafting, kayaking through sea and rivers, as well as horseback riding through virgin country.

Just imagine: to go where no man has gone before, far off, into pristine landscapes. You will be able to enjoy this experience thanks to the sophisticated land and sea transportation system aboard the Atmosphere, our state of the art expedition cruise ship. To reach the unreachable, Nomads utilizes a Bell 407 helicopter, 6 jet boats, 6 zodiacs for helifishing expeditions and a Zodiac Hurricane 920 that sits 16 passengers. For its second season Nomads has added 5 catacrafts, 18 McKenzie boats, and 12 jet skiffs. A new helicopter has been ordered and will hopefully be available as well.

Few will reach this far out into the world… even fewer will arrive…

Nomads of the Seas has 32 highly trained crew members
so that a select group of 28 passengers can discover
the true meaning of the end of the world.

Be one of them

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