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Cantarranas Honduras, City of Murals

On a drive from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, through the damp, misty rainforest of La Tigra, I found my way to the outskirts of the small colonial city of Cantarranas. Driving up and down steep, irregular hills, swerving around sharp turns and tricky curves,...

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Try Scuba Diving for Free in Roatan, Honduras

Is scuba diving on your bucket list? Now is the time. Discover scuba for free at CoCo View Resort in Roatan, Honduras. Or try a seven-night dive package, which includes oceanfront air-conditioned accommodations, all meals, airport transfers, barbecue on private cay...

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Return to Sambo Creek, Honduras

After two years away I returned to Sambo Creek. Sambo Creek is a Garifuna community that has been in Honduras for hundred of years. With three Garifuna communities in Honduras, Sambo Creek is probably the largest. The people are warm and interesting but there is a an...

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Authentic Recipes: Taste of Honduras — Garifuna Style

Orel Emile Gentle Steward traded his life as a chef on a cruise ship to be a chef in his hometown of Sambo Creek, Honduras. Sambo Creek is one of many colorful Garifuna villages that dot the north coast of Honduras. The Garifuna are an AfroCaribbean group who live on...

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Snapshots of Honduras

Honduras was the first place I had visited in a long time where I had done no legwork, no advanced planning on my part. I didn't pick up a book or ask the advice of friends. Don't get me wrong, I did have a trip planned out, but I didn't do all the normal things I...

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Finca El Cisne, Honduras (video podcast)

Who said black was slimming? Apparently not me after eating a lot of cheese from Honduras. This is an interview I did with Carlos of Finca El Cisne near Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Finca El Cisne is a lodge, coffee plantation, restaurant and a host of other authentic...

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Memories of the Honduran speed Bump

While there are a number of similarities in comparing my recent travels to Mexico, Costa Rica and now Honduras, there is one that stands out as being particularly important to folks traveling by car. It may not be the most fascinating part of road touring, but it...

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The Garifuna Dance in Honduras (video podcast)

During my recent trip to Honduras I has a chance to visit Sambo Creek, along the coast, just outside of La Ceiba. Here i had the chance to see the Garifuna People perform their traditional dance and music. Check it out. For the moment out normal hi-res video is down,...

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The Maya in Honduras: Copán Ruinas

I am a Maya fan. I love these ruins, the genius the Maya left behind. I have enjoyed Tulum, El Rey, and one of the newly named Seven Wonders of the World at Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza hosts several engineering marvels including the main pyramid that creates an...

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The Copán Ruinas (video podcast)

Here is my recent interview with Mike Valladares a master tour guide at the Copan Ruinas in Honduras. These Maya ruins are remarkable and this video features the steles, main grounds, underground passages and a few thoughts about the Maya calendar -- and its...

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Another Find in Copán Ruinas

The Copán Ruinas, simply put, are not to be missed. I have long been a fan of what the Maya people created and the technological advances they made, without the aid of Black and Decker, are incredible. I spent a full day in awe of the craftsmanship and numerous...

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Honduras Expectations

There once was a time when every trip I took became something to have expectations about. Good things. All the hopes for a pleasant vacation and fabulous stories that . Then a series of questions would follow. How will the country/place/attraction be different? What...

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