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Kerala – Slow and Peaceful

In September, just after the refreshing monsoons had cooled Kerala, I went on my first houseboat along the incredible lakes and rivers of Kerala. The slow life along the river and centuries old traditions, just seemed to be a wonderful break from technology, my...

Sunrise on the Holy Ganges

Along the Ganges River The Holy Ganges The sun seemingly rose out of and above the holy Ganges river until it hung large and low in the sky. It glittered and reflected long, yellow strands on the water and casted a mellow, dewy glow over the the ghats. The misty...

The Strange Symbols
at Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves What drew me to these caves in the Wayanad district, Kerala was that it was a pre-historic site with mysterious engravings. I had read that the carvings resembled the rock impressions of Styrian Alps and that they were from the Neolithic period. So I...

The Toy-Train of Darjeeling

For the kid in me... The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was the 1st that I sat on. It’s called the Toy-Train. They are also called Mountain Railways, and there are 5 such Mountain Railways in India – Kalka-Shimla Railway [Himachal Pradesh], Darjeeling Himalayan Railway...

The Art of Vanilla Pollination

Vanilla Pollination in India India's Human HummingbirdLast year in April, I was scouting for places to volunteer for coffee (berry) picking, but I was told that coffee harvesting ends by February and that it would be time for vanilla pollination in March and April....

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