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Smells in Bombay’s Local Train

In the stations and compartments of Bombay's local train, there is a new smell offered up every second.  These smells range from tantalizing to nauseating: one will make your mouth water, and the next will make you gag. One businessman stands on the platform and has...

On Pavement Dwellers in Mumbai

Over 100 new migrants squeeze into Mumbai on a daily basis. Those counted come with official papers, so the real number is probably around 500 people. Many, many of these migrants become "pavement dwellers." It's impossible to move around the city without seeing whole...

A weekend in God’s Own Country

One of the first things I observe about any place is the ratio of city to jungle. Of man-made infrastructure versus nature. The most modern and cosmopolitan cities are made of marble and glass, and even a blade of grass has a hard time popping up between the curbs....

Remembering Varanasi

“I'm also from Uttar Pradesh!” I confess, in Hindi, to rickshaw drivers in Mumbai. Most of them are from Uttar Pradesh or Jharkand area. I don't look Indian though, so they shake their heads disbelievingly until I explain: I'm actually from Canada, but lived in the...

Bombay is not India

Every day in Bombay, one is provided with a few opportunities to forget where they are. This is because though Bombay is situated in the state of Maharashtra, on India's west coast, bordering the Arabian sea, it's actually its own place... and not like any other. A...

Ramzan before Eid in Bandra

During the one month period of Ramzan, determined by the Islamic lunar calendar, those who are able fast during the day. This excludes pregnant or nursing women and the very elderly. Those young men that run the shops on Bandra west's Hill road in Mumbai, however, are...

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