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Eating Ireland

Food in Ireland Fish and Chips in Ireland I am an unapologetic travel addict. So it’s no surprise I jumped at a recent, last minute invitation to stay with friends just outside of Limerick, Ireland. I was eager to see the land of verdant hills, castles, Celtic...

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Spell bound by Yeats Country, Ireland

Welcome to Yeats Country Getting Over Ireland's Chill There is a point in life when you start questioning your life choices. That point for me, was about an hour into the first day of a cycling tour with Wilderness Ireland around the counties of Sligo and Leitrim...

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First Morning in Ireland

Waking up in Ireland I woke up early my first morning in Ireland. The effects of jet lag made it a restless night and, when there was just enough light to see soft shapes in the room, I looked over to the bedside table. There was no bedside clock and, as I had no...

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Sephira, World Music and Aime

Sephira, music from Ireland for the Holidays Christmas with Irish sisters, Sephira Sephira is a duo consisting of sisters Joyce and Ruth O’Leary and they have released a Christmas album for the ages. The album Starlight by the aforementioned duo showcases their...

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“The Gathering”: A Year-Long Celebration in Ireland

Don’t Miss “The Gathering” with Brendan Vacations — The Ireland Specialist ~ From Guided Tours to Self-Drive Vacations, Brendan Offers the Best Choices For This Exciting Year-Long Celebration in Ireland ~ Ireland is throwing a party and Brendan Vacations, the Ireland...

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Sceptre Tours to Ireland, $799

Lynbrook, NY (January 19, 2011) – The Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt is one of Ireland's most exclusive resorts. Sceptre Tours 6-Night Ritz-Carlton in Spring Package allows travelers to enjoy the luxury resort this spring for the incredibly affordable price of just $799 per...

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The Titanic’s Story is Cobh, Ireland

“I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used,” recalls Old Rose in Titanic, the 1997 blockbuster film. “The sheets never slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams. And it was.” Before Jack, Rose and the Heart of the Ocean sailed into movie...

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Packie’s Food and Wine in Kenmare Bay, Ireland

For a small Irish town made up of little more than two streets Kenmare has a surprising number of award winning restaurants and Packie’s is no exception. Local chef Martin Hallissey has created a fine dining experience without losing any of that Irish charm or...

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Ashford Castle Celebrates 1939

County Mayo, Ireland - July 28, 2009: Ashford Castle can trace its roots back to 1228 but history buffs should fast-forward all the way to 1939 for the most pivotal year in the life of the sprawling structure in Ireland's County Mayo. That's when the estate, which for...

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Experience True Irish Royalty

Lynbrook, NY (July 7, 2009) — For those who want to experience the historic side of Ireland and stay in a castle every night, the Aer Lingus Vacation Store is now offering an "Ireland Legendary Luxury" package priced from just $1,999 per person. The Ireland Legendary...

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Erin Go Braugh and Ciao Bella Meet

Have I mentioned the Italian guy? I probably haven’t mentioned the Italian guy. I’ve actually been trying NOT to mention the Italian guy, even to myself. However, there is an Italian guy. If you want to add the proverbial (and in this case, quite delicious) icing to...

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