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Kiribati: A Ring in the Pacific

"Tying up to a pier and disembarking through the passenger gangway isn't an option," our Captain said. Never did I imagine I would one day work onboard a cruise ship for almost seven months. Let alone sail away to an atoll that for me and for any other well-traveled...

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Come Explore Serbia!

A lot of people have heard but not many of them have been to the Republic of Serbia, a country in the central Balkans, and part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the past. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, which over the years has grown into a...

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Essex Street in Salem: Discovering Witches and Mariners

Salem in Massachusetts, abounding in Puritan and American history is perhaps best known for the 1692 witch trials. My knowledge was restricted to magazines and websites which variously have described it as having a “witchy heritage”, a haven for fans of “the...

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Hanging with the Falafel Boys

“People here don’t seem particularly friendly,” my wife Mardena said. I didn’t really want to hear it, but I couldn’t disagree; I’d been thinking the same thing. It seemed like a lot of people we’d met in Israel—most, admittedly, in travel related...

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Looking Back on White Earth, Minnesota

My father saw gnomes as he neared death. They started with their backs against the paneled walls of his living room, moving closer and closer to him each day. He wasn’t scared though. Rather, he appeared to be comforted by them. After Dad died, a hospice grief...

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Travel in Place: A Covered Bridge Tour in Oregon

Covered bridges entered Oregon's Willamette Valley in the 19th century along with pioneers settling the Pacific Northwest. Over 400 of these wooden relics of a past time are estimated to have been raised in Oregon, mostly from 1905 to 1925, but only 51 remain today....

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Jardín, Colombia – Wandering a Pastel Pueblo

One of the travel rules I try to live by is following the advice of others. Tourists, long-term travelers, or locals. The “who” tends to not matter as much as the “where”. People who’ve been in a country for a while have the best insight. Whether it be for...

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Travel-in-Place – More Corvallis Urban Canvas

Just like my first post featuring the urban art murals in Corvallis, I again exercised my Travel-at-Home under lockdown option to walk the downtown core and surroundings, capturing more of the 30+ art installations for you. Urban Canvas: Cougar Under The Bridge...

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The Hidden Cave of Thakhek, Laos

A Hidden Cave, Thakhek, Laos Near Thakhek, Loas The area around Thakhek, Laos, is notorious for it’s limestone karst mountains and beautiful caves. There is the Buddha Cave; a small cave halfway up a cliff face that was full of more than 200 Buddha statues when it...

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The Beautiful Landscapes of Northwest Argentina

The two northern regions comprised of Salta and Jujuy are in pair with Patagonia when it comes to beautiful nature. I was only getting used to the snow-capped mountains and myriad turquoise lakes of the south. I’m suddenly teleported to a very different scenery: the...

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Lightweight Cooking For Backpacking

Lightweight Cooking for Backpackers I was about to take down camp when I heard my buddy Brad say: "Hey man, you want some pancakes?" And then he pulled out a thick-glass bottle of maple syrup from his pack. The thing must have weighed at least two pounds. I started...

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Parque Nacional Tayrona, Colombia: A Hundred Places in One

I have a problem with procrastination. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a problem. That insinuates that it creates a detriment to my daily life. It never does. Somehow among the hours wasted, I manage to finish whatever task needs to get done. I’m a successful...

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