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My Day in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

In my third month as a Covid refugee sheltering in Taiwan, I finally had an opportunity to venture down south from rainy Taipei to sunny and warm Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. In between two other destinations, I could unfortunately only fit in one...

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Reunited in Turkey – Love Overcomes the Pandemic

I gripped my fiancé's hand tightly as we took our first tentative steps across the smooth wet crystallised rock. Our bare feet on the carbonate mineral generated by thermal spring water, and the scorching September sunshine in the aesthetically-aethereal Aegean area...

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Norman Rockwell Museum, an Immersion in Art

A drive through the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts brings one to Stockbridge, a quintessentially New England town, with magnificent scenery. On a hot, summer day last year my husband and I drove through these parts with one goal in mind - to visit the museum...

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Mauritania – Rail Journey to Atar

A blazing blue sky that is so far above you can see into the universe's soul. Not a cloud for miles. I'm standing at the window of a small white cement hut with a bakery sign painted on its side, it stands alone alongside my dusty road, in the middle of a wide-open...

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Panic in Puerto Rico!

The mood across the table was gloom. A heavy aura of tense suspense had descended into the living room. You could see worried expressions on our faces if there had been enough light to do so. I was staring down the length of the very last candle that flickered weakly...

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South Sudan Is Africa!

South Sudan is Africa's wild Wild West. It's also the world's newest country, fairly recently independent from its northern namesake. If you are looking for a real adventure truly off the beaten path, then South Sudan might just be a fit for you. I spent 4 full weeks...

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Stranded in No Man’s Land on the Pamirs

I watched the Sun crawl behind the snowy peaks that belong to no country and are ruled only by wolves that roam the wasteland at night. Now, how am I going to survive through it? Central Asian countries aren't exactly known for being well-developed, especially the...

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Dog-sledding in Svalbard, Norway

After a late night wandering the streets of Longyearbyen, under the midnight sun, I was up early. Waiting in the crisp Arctic morning air, my breath visible despite it being June, I could see the tour van driving towards the guesthouse that I was staying in. This was...

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Travels in Armenia

Armenia in Video From Armenia with love I know I rarely write "as the Editor" and this needs to change. Mostly, because ITKT has been doing building a number of big projects for the new year. Still, in the midst of it all, I try to cut a video and do a little writing...

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Golden Temple at Amritsar, India

My Visit to the Golden Temple I've wanted to visit the Golden Temple ever since I read about it in my history books. It was the last summer when I finally got the chance to visit the holy city of Amritsar with my father. We visited the temple in the night to avoid the...

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Navigating Northern Albania

When I first announced I would be traveling to Albania, I was met with utter confusion - by colleagues and local Albanians alike. Why was I going to Albania, of all places? Where is it? What are you doing there? Is it even safe? Just go to Greece. It was in this...

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Sierra Leone – A Diamond Road Trip

I don't know what day it is anymore. Time is something marked as the sun passes through the sky and then it is night and the dogs start to bark, and then it is light again. My world is three colours, the blue vast sky, green dense jungle, and red sticky soil....

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