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A Full-Time Traveler Visits Tonga

Many people in the US have never even heard of Tonga, but I got the privilege of spending three months in Tonga between 2016 and 2017. This small country, a collection of islands two thousand kilometers north of Auckland, is one of the highlights of my five years as a...

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Don’t Skip Santa Ana, El Salvador

Travelling is a funny thing. Generally, it is the “big” experiences that we expect to stick with us. When in El Salvador, these “big” experiences might be climbing a volcano or surfing a world-class point break. These are the things that should, and usually do, hold a...

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Living the Pura Vida – Costa Rica

It was a hot morning in Montezuma, Costa Rica and the walk down the hill to the village was agony. I was only half way down the hill when a young man on a motorbike stopped. “Senorita, I take you to bottom of hill if you like.” He was wearing a nice shirt and khaki...

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African Motorcycle Road Trip, Part 2

The old Afrikaans gentleman says to me - “Ah, so you’re going up into Africa”. I’m intrigued by what he’s just said. I reply, half-jokingly - “Aren’t we in Africa; right here, right now?” He said nothing, just smiled back. Back on an African Road I’m rested up,...

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Smallest Town in the World – Hum, Croatia

This year I spent my vacation in Istria, Croatia. As I'm not the biggest fan of the seaside, I decided to explore the inland. Earlier this year I also visited Tuscany, and after reading many articles comparing inland Istria to Tuscany I had to check it out for myself....

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A Trek to Mount Genyen – Eastern Tibet

Tibet has always been a dream for many travelers. Its giant snowy mountains, endless grasslands, lakes, rivers, as well as its unique local culture make this place like a magnet. It was a magnet for me too. Basically, I always try to travel to new places, to not...

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My Experience Teaching in Kathmandu

It was the spring of 2017. Having spent 6 months in New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa before entering my university, I knew that I should be doing something abroad instead of sulking at home. But then, I had zero ideas on what to do, so I opened up and talked to...

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African Motorcycle Road Trip, Part 1

My African Journey Begins, and I’m Feeling Rather Sick I’ve just been to the nearest travellers’ medical centre and started a round of vaccinations in preparation for a road trip across southern Africa. The vaccination program covers Rabies, Typhoid, Yellow Fever,...

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Elkin, An Urban Delight
Along the Mountains-To-Sea Trail

Somehow I only recently learned about the Mountains-To-Sea Trail. Though a bit of an outdoors enthusiast, if not exactly a fitness nut (I’ve been thinking about walking some of the Appalachian Trail for years, to cite one example, but haven’t yet started), this is...

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Easter Island: Land of the Moai

I have always been fascinated by the Moai statues and knew I wanted to visit Easter Island someday. The story of the people fascinate me—an ancient and complex civilization on a small, remote island in the Pacific mostly unimpacted by outsiders that peaked and almost...

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Where God Put the Old West: Monument Valley

When the famous American actor, John Wayne, first saw the buttes, mesas, and spires of Monument Valley, he is quoted as saying “So this is where God put the old West.” I felt the same way as I stared across the valley from Goulding’s Lodge and Trading Post beneath...

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