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A Hidden Concert
in a Berlin Warehouse

It is a chilly Sunday evening in Berlin. Late October and the trees have shaken off their leaves. I shuffle my feet through piles of golden yellow and approach two steel doors with graffiti scrawled on them. Two smokers huddle in the cold, shifting from one foot to...

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The Last Stronghold of the Navajo, Canyon de Chelly

Exploring the History and Beauty of the Canyon The last rays of the setting sun painted the canyon walls a deep orange as they turned the bottom of the clouds reddish. I was at Tsegi Overlook taking in one of the classic views of Canyon de Chelly. Tsegi (Say-ih) is...

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Guatemala Revealed

A blaring buzzer abruptly invades my dreams. I have fallen from that castle in the air to land on the bed of my shadowy hotel room. My eyes are wide open, but I can’t see a thing. I frantically fumble for my phone atop the nightstand. I finally manage to swipe off the...

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Travel in Place: The “Sonoran Dawg”

I haven’t experienced the taste of a Sonoran hot dog since the 80’s and my introduction to international travel. However, I rediscovered them years later right here under my nose. Mexicali Crossing I wasn’t sure what to expect crossing the Mexican border for the first...

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Investigating Escobar’s Legacy in Medellìn

“Don’t mind the bullet holes,” was the first thing our guide Stiven told me. They recently tried to kidnap Roberto, because people still think he knows where his brother buried his fortune. Which of course is easy to think, given the fact that Roberto was the...

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Italy May Have Invented Pizza,
but Di Fara Perfected It

New York is one of my favourite cities. I first visited the city four years ago, and it made a vivid and broad impression on me. I could not get enough of the towering skyscrapers, Times Square, Central Park, and New York-style pizza. Yes, I never knew that I would...

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Things My Masai Safari Guide Taught Me

The vast savannah and prolific wildlife in Masai Mara were breath-taking and I brought so many unforgettable memories back home. The feeling is truly something to be experienced than to be expressed. The national reserve offers much more than the famous Big 5. While...

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Just Before Eight in Central Mexico

It's just before 8 p.m. when Héctor abruptly veers his white van onto the dusty shoulder. Hermanos Serdán International — our dimly lit destination — haunts us from across the interstate. This is so close that my accomplice could probably reach beyond his side mirror...

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The Famous Hanoi Train Street

I visited the energetic city of Hanoi, one of the most popular holiday destinations, last summer. Hanoi Train Street is one place that will never disappear from my travel memories. I had put Train Street at the top of the list of to-do attractions while planning the...

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Kiribati: A Ring in the Pacific

"Tying up to a pier and disembarking through the passenger gangway isn't an option,"? our Captain said. Never did I imagine I would one day work onboard a cruise ship for almost seven months. Let alone sail away to an atoll that for me and for any other well-traveled...

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Come Explore Serbia!

A lot of people have heard but not many of them have been to the Republic of Serbia, a country in the central Balkans, and part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the past. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, which over the years has grown into a...

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Hanging with the Falafel Boys

"People here don't seem particularly friendly," my wife Mardena said. I didn't really want to hear it, but I couldn't disagree; I'd been thinking the same thing. It seemed like a lot of people we'd met in Israel most, admittedly, in travel related services like...

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