There is no river here from what I can find, but still Rio de Janeiro goes by the name.  It´s a huge bay with a lot of action coming in and out of its ports.  But clearly that is not why I came here for a week (from Montevideo, Uruguay) – to get a glimpse of the culture was the goal.  And in this goal, dance always has to be experienced…for me at least.

Enter last night in the center of town.  Walking into the spacious building with ceilings of at least 35 feet in height, I knew the night was going to be a good one.  The live band set themselves up, and the samba-ing began.

Is that samba?  What are they doing with their feet?  There is no order to that right?  Well, long story short, I made a sincere effort to be a samba-er but I think I was simply seen as that lone foreign dude who was trying to make a simple salsa step look more complicated.

Onto the next attempts…