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Beyond the Expected: Russia, The Baltics & Warsaw

Brendan Vacations provides travelers with an experience of Europe that goes above and beyond, delivering a delightfully “beyond the expected” journey.  In the final installment of Brendan’s  four-part series, “Beyond the Expected: New Discoveries with Gems of...

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The Art of Coffee in Latvia

I began my last day in Riga, Latvia, looking for a perfect cup of coffee. More importantly, I was looking for the perfect café. While I had consumed copious amounts of coffee during my travels through the country with friends both old and new, I needed a solo day at...

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Russian Orthodox Church – Riga, Latvia

As with so many churches in the Baltic countries, the Orthodox Nativity of Christ Cathedral has had a varied life. Situated in a park called Esplanade, the Cathedral was built between 1876 and 1883 when Latvia was part of Russia and has the distinction of being the...

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St Peter’s Church The Symbol of Riga, Latvia

The 123-metre high, three-tiered spire of St Peter’s Church is the undoubted symbol of Riga, the capital of Latvia. This brick-built church dates from the early 15th Century though the spire dates from just after WWII, German shelling having destroyed the previous...

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Rundale Palace, Latvia, from Riga

To get to the wonderful Rundale Palace from Riga, travellers should go via public transport. The first leg is from Riga to a place called Bauska and then the next leg is from Bauska to Pilsrundale. The currency in Latvia is the lats with the plural lati. The Bus...

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