Lebanon travel stories

Mud Bricks and Karaoke in Taanayel, Lebanon

"You absolutely must tell your driver to go to Taanayel, you'll love it," my Lebanese friend Lara said. Our conversation was conducted on a cell phone during a drive in the Bekaa Valley and those were the only words I understood clearly. What followed was: 'typical...

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The Olive Soap Museum in Sidon, Lebanon

I’m currently living in Beirut for a few more weeks and am using the capital as a basis for further trips all around this fascinating country. Last week, before the bad weather and storm hit, I decided to travel south along the coast to the biblical town of Sidon,...

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The Mouawad Private Museum in Beirut

The city of Beirut, capital of the Lebanon, doesn’t have that many museums, but one you definitely should not miss is the Robert Mouawad Private museum. It’s a prime example of the eclectic taste of a private collector who loved art, history and all things beautiful....

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Our Lady of Lebanon, Harissa

On my way to, and from, the Jeita Grotto, I had the opportunity to visit another famous and, at least to me, quite a moving site. It's the enormous statue of the Virgin Mary, perched 650m high up on a mountain near Jounieh, facing the sea and Beirut. Her sad face and...

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A Wonder of Nature, the Jeita Grotto in Lebanon

Sadly, I only had two full days to enjoy my recent trip to the Lebanon, but I made good use of the time. Highlight number one was my visit to the Jeita Grotto, truly a wonder of nature. Located approx. 20 km NE of Beirut, the drive is already an experience as I left...

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