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For Easter: The Hill of Crosses

On The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania The Hill of Crosses keeps coming back! Bulldozed three times by the Soviet authorities, the Hill of Crosses in Northern Lithuania always came back. Over 100,000 crosses of all sizes were at the site, spread over two hillocks 12km...

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Old Town Vilnius, Lithuania

Old Town Vilnius, Lithuania As Vilnius, Lithuania, seemed to only be a side trip on my itinerary, I did not give it much thought. How wrong I was not to consider it more. My day was spent walking for miles in and around the Old Town area, which I found intriguing from...

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Trakai, Lithuania

Reached via two walkways across Lake Galve the island castle of Trakai is the greatest symbol of Lithuanian nationalism. Situated in an area of lakes and forests roughly 15 miles west of Vilnius, the red-brick turrets, watchtowers, and tall keep were restored in 1962...

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Grutas Park, Lithuania’s Communist Past

The Grutas Park is southern Lithuania’s biggest tourist attraction and has been open since 2001. The Park was the brainchild of mushroom entrepreneur Viliumas Malinauskas, who bought all the park’s sculptures in the decade after the country became independent in 1991....

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Crosses Symbolize Lithuania’s Independence

The Hill of Three Crosses is a symbol on the skyline of Vilnius. These three crosses represent the triumph of Lithuania over its invaders. The current crosses data from 1990 and replaced the previous three crosses that were destroyed during the Soviet occupation,...

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