Mazatlán (March 2, 2011) "“ Mazatlan welcomes more than 300,000 revelers from across the globe for its annual Carnaval celebration, taking place March 3 "“ 8, 2011.  Thousands of North American visitors will join in the full array of festivities this week, drawn by Mazatlan's vibrant culture and lively atmosphere amid a Pacific Coast backdrop, as destination resorts report increased bookings and occupancy rates nearing 90 percent.

Dating back 113 years, this traditional celebration begun in 1898 is today recognized as the third largest Mardi Gras in the world, following Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. Throughout the week, events shine the spotlight on Mazatlan's rich heritage, authentic cuisine, music and welcoming spirit of its residents. Locals and visitors converge for colorful parades, dance performances, art exhibitions, open-air street festivals and more.

Glittering costumes, exotic foods and dancing street musicians are just part of the revelry. This year's Carnaval also features a full program of activities designed for the whole family, including outdoor concerts by international artists and a grand firework display.

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Mazatlan 2011 Carnaval Schedule
Thurs., March 3
8:30pm – Mazatlan malecón oceanfront avenue
"¢ Crowning of Carnaval King of Joy
"¢ Seaside Fiesta at Fisherman's Monument

Fri., March 4
8:30pm – Teodoro Mariscal Stadium
"¢ Crowning of Floral Games Queen
"¢ Musical concert Sinaloa De Las Artes Symphony Orchestra joined by the Angela Peralta and Guillermo Sarabia choruses, featuring more than 120 performers
"¢ Clemenza Isaura Poetry Award Ceremony

Sat., March 5
6:30pm – Teodoro Mariscal Stadium
"¢ Crowning of Carnaval Queen
"¢ Live performance by Spanish artist David Bisbal

Sun., March 6
5:30pm – Mazatlan malecón oceanfront avenue
"¢ Mazatlan Carnaval Parade

Mon., March 7
6:30pm "“ Teodoro Mariscal Stadium
"¢ Crowning of Carnaval Child Queen
"¢ Live concert by OV7
9:00pm "“ Mazatlan malecón oceanfront avenue
"¢ "Stories of Light" Children's Parade
"¢ Festival of Lights Grand Firework Display

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