Somewhere in San Miguel at night

Mexico flag,MexicoLet’s face it, Mexico is one of the most widely known and well-traveled places in the world. Whether visiting beaches: Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas; Culture: Mexico City, Chichen Itza, Oaxaca, Guanajuato City; Magical Cities (Pueblos Magicos): Bernal, Parras, Dolores Hidalgo; Or big cities, Guadalajara, Puebla, Monterey, Mexico has it all.

Personally, I have been to Mexico over 30 times. I cannot recommend the country highly enough. Its beaches, history, ruins, food, culture, people and architecture are all some of my absolute favorites. It is why I retun year after year, whether on assignment or not.

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Mexico travel stories

Cenote Diving in Tulum

Sunshine blazes through dense greenery and I wobble on one foot, trying to balance while tugging a wetsuit over my sweaty skin. The two big guys next to me also struggle, squeezing themselves into tight wetsuits and shaking sweat off their faces. It’s very strange to...

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Travel in Place: The “Sonoran Dawg”

I hadn’t experienced the taste of a Sonoran hot dog since my baby-steps into international travel. That was the 80’s, and in all those years I’ve yet to experience a match. But travel and food are so linked – the experiences of taste and smell in new places create the...

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Just Before Eight in Central Mexico

It's just before 8 p.m. when Héctor abruptly veers his white van onto the dusty shoulder. Hermanos Serdán International — our dimly lit destination — haunts us from across the interstate. This is so close that my accomplice could probably reach beyond his side mirror...

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San Miguel at Night (photos)

A Night View of San Miguel de Allende 12 Days and 11 Nights in San Miguel After spending 12 days of exploring San Miguel de Allende in the center of Mexico, I never grew tired of this fantastic city's character and vibe. I was happy to explore and meander the stone...

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Casa Oasis Todos Santos es su Casa

Esta Casa es su Casa – Casa Oasis is your Home Lately many publications are touting the virtues of Todos Santos for visitors. Among these, and hands down the best, is Casa Oasis. Located on the Baja California peninsula 1½ hours from the Los Cabos airport but a world...

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Circling the Tropics – A Baja Sur Road Trip
Part 2

Over the Baja Sur Divide Leaving my vacation home at Casa Oasis Todos Santos and the tropics after 4 days, I drive north and in about an hour reach the crest of my loop. Here the road intersects the Trans-Peninsular highway (BCS-1). A southern turn is taken and the...

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Día de los Muertos in Todos Santos

Often confused with Halloween, there's much more to Dia de los Muertos than parties and candy. Today, November 2nd, is All Souls Day by Catholic reckoning, or Dia de los Muertos in the local tradition. The day is celebrated by building ofendas (offering or alters) and...

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Oaxaca – It’s All About the Tortillas

Fresh tortillas I like the art galleries, the black pottery, and the cold beer by the zocolo, but for me, the best part about Oaxaca is the tortillas. Finally fulfilling a recurring New Year’s resolution, I took a leave of absence from a demanding job to study...

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