New York, NY- October 19, 2005 — Micato Safaris, considered the world's premier tour operator and safari outfitter, is now offering its travelers to Nairobi a unique opportunity to visit East Africa's most eye-catching private home: the residence of Alan Donovan "“ founder of African Heritage and a foremost collector of African art and antiquities. Donovan's estate "“ featured in Architectural Digest magazine in 1996 – is an eight- acre expanse overlooking Nairobi National Park with views of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a veritable goldmine of African craft, housing one of the world's finest collections of African artifacts. Micato Safaris enables its guests to visit the Donovan residence by special arrangement.

A Colorado native whose passion for African culture developed at childhood, Donovan is best recognized for his achievements in fashion "“ bringing traditional African style into the mainstream in 1972 with the world's first runway show featuring African models and regional designs. Among his discoveries is the famed Somali model, Iman, now wife of singer David Bowie.
The company he founded over three decades ago, African Heritage, has developed into a cultural oasis for African art, offering enthusiasts everything from ornate jewelry to tribal sculpture.

Donovan's home, created in a traditional "mud house style", is a nine room dwelling that is completely African in design, drawing on a series of architectural styles ranging from Coastal Kenyan to Southern Moroccan. The diversity of African crafts is prevalent throughout, with ornate textiles, wood masonry and pottery.

"Although I tried to use features from the architectural forms that enchanted me in my various travels across Africa," Donovan explains, "an equally important reason for my home is to show how to live with African arts and crafts. I think this indigenous artistic and cultural heritage is under appreciated, both in Africa and worldwide. My house is a step toward preservation."

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