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Mongolia travel stories

Peaches in Mongolia

Here is space, a calming silence without clutter, where senses feel sharper and the mind can soar. The air is cold and sharp. The light, golden and silver, presides over a sea of undulating and ever changing grassland. Maybe this is what it feels like to be an eagle...

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Featuring Uvs Nuur Basin, Mongolia

MONGOLIA'S UVS NUUR BASIN, A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE FEATURED IN NASA "IMAGE OF THE DAY GALLERY" (April 30, 2008 -- New York, NY) … Mongolia’s Uvs Nuur Strictly Protected Area, established in 1994 and one of Mongolia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, incorporates the...

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Mongolia at a glance

Mongolia at a glance Area: 1,564,100 km2, 17th largest country in the world, three-times the size of France, seven-times the size of England Population: 2,754,314 (as of 2006) Density: 1.6 people per km2 Landscape: Desert, steppe, alpine, taiga Average altitude: 1.6...

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The Naadam Festival, Mongolia

(April 17, 2008 -- New York, NY) … As sports facilities in the U.S. raise their prices while questioning their players’ prowess, and watching the same old games on television becomes just one more sedentary and isolating experience, a unique and spectator-thrilling...

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Solo Traveling in Asia

Asia Transpacific Journeys Is Wise in Ways Of Welcoming Guests Traveling Solo in Small Groups Noah’s Ark is to blame. The concept of couples seems seared into our genetic coding. But sometimes folks who are single want to take that exotic journey even though they...

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3 Traveler Musts in Mongolia

If there is one place that has particular exotic allure it's Mongolia. I suppose the juxtaposition of land-grabbing Genghis Khan his merry band of plunderers and the joyful serenity of Mongolian families relaxing by the summer yurt Lucky for me, tonight I had the rare...

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Trips off the Radar

July 2007 (All Over) – Somewhere beyond “away from it all” and “off the beaten path” lie destinations so remote and exclusive it might take some work getting there. But, as sophisticated travelers have discovered going “off the radar” is worth the trip. No more “been...

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Seven Remote Journeys with International Expeditions

BIRMINGHAM, AL, January 30, 2007 – Not everyone knows what it’s like to sleep under Gobi Desert stars, and not many have witnessed the amazing spectacles put forth by man and nature in Papua New Guinea and Patagonia. Adventurers with International Expeditions,...

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“Vanishing Cultures” with Smithsonian Journeys

Washington, DC, October 31, 2006 – Tracing a legendary journey to the most fascinatingly different peoples and pockets of cultural diversity in some of the world’s most splendidly isolated places takes time, inside access and imagination – all three of which will be...

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Mongolia Sizzles with 2006 Tours

Monroe Township, NJ - In their pursuit of unspoiled beauty and less-traveled regions, cultural and adventure travelers have a globe full of options, but few as reliable as Mongolia. Bathed in ancient history, fascinating culture, jaw-dropping and widely varied scenic...

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