Moon Peru
Authors: Ross Wehner, Renée del Gaudio, and Kazia Jankowski
ISBN: 1-56691-983-5 "¢ Price: $21.95 "¢ Pub date: October 2007 "¢ Second edition

Once, this Southern American region dripped with gold, but now, Peru drips with different kinds of gold: culture, tradition, history, and breathtaking backdrops. Experienced travel writers and experts on Peru , Ross Wehner, Renée del Gaudio, and Kazia Jankowski team up for the second edition of Moon Peru. Filled with 58 maps, color photographs, a glossary, and a Spanish phrasebook, this book offers practical tools for anyone in pursuit of Peru. This book provides extensive coverage of must-see destinations like Machu Picchu, the Andes , and the Amazon. With suggestions on how to best spend time and money in Peru , Wehner, del Gaudio, and Jankowski take visitors beyond the famous sights to colonial churches, colorful markets, and artisan studios. Their expert advice also brings adventurers to the snow covered peaks of Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca, and on alternative routes to less popular, but spectacular ruins. Activity ideas also abound, with advice on trekking, mountain climbing, wildlife-watching, surfing, scuba diving, and more. With Moon Peru, incredible sights, activities, cultural lessons, and a bowl of the best ceviche await.

Moon Argentina
Author: Wayne Bernhardson
ISBN: 1-56691-981-9 "¢ Price: $21.95 "¢ Pub date: December 2007 "¢ Second edition

With bustling Buenos Aires as its capital, the sultry tango as its preferred form of expression, a game of soccer as its favored pastime, and a savory slice of asado as its perfect meal, it's obvious to see why spectators and visitors alike have dubbed Argentina the " Paris of the South." Yet, there is even more to this South American country than what first meets the senses. In the second edition of Moon Argentina, part-time Buenos Aires resident and Latin America expert Wayne Bernhardson presents first time travelers and returning visitors with the tools they need to partake of Argentina's inspirational settings and vibrant people. Travel with ease as Bernhardson lends advice and unique perspectives on Argentina's most famous attractions, such as tango capital, Buenos Aires , the Iguazú Falls, and the Moreno Glacier. For those seeking to get off well traversed paths, Moon Argentina provides equally comprehensive coverage of less visited, but impressive sights like the Iberá wetlands, the wineries of Mendoza, the canyon country of the Andean Northwest, the endless coastline and vast steppes of Patagonia, and the "uttermost part of the earth" in Tierra del Fuego. Additionally, the book includes 60 maps, color photographs, a glossary, and a Spanish phrasebook. Trip ideas are included to show the reader the best of Argentina, the history of Argentina, the art and architecture of Argentina, renowned Argentine vineyards, and Argentina 's natural environments.

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