May Peace by Kimberli Waack on In The Know Traveler

As I plan and dream about the places I'll go and the people I'll meet in 2008, I also reflect on the places, people and planning from this past year. I am realizing that as a traveler the sort of information I gather before a trip depends on the destination and, of course, length and reason for the journey.

Aside from the usual questions like, "What's the weather like?" I like to know a bit about a place's history because, for me, it creates a context for what I might find there. While I do some research, I shy away from doing too much. I travel to experience things first hand, and I like surprises. I try to keep my thoughts open. After all, your tongue can only be a virgin to the taste of chocolate mole once!

I'm freshly returned from a trip to Oaxaca (a story that will be appearing here in coming weeks) and I used the Oaxaca
from Moon handbooks ( to prepare. What I like most about this handbook is the smart manner in which it's indexed. I like to visit museums, but I don't know the name of each museum I might find interesting in Oaxaca. The folks at Moon made it easy for me. If I flip to the index and look up museums every museum in Oaxaca is listed there inside a simply outlined box. Usually at New Year's people pledge to simplify life. Kudos to Moon Publications their smart indexing has already made things a bit simpler for me.

Wishing all ITKT readers simplicity, peace and happiness of heart in the coming year.

Written by Kimberli Waack

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