Somewhere on the Dunes

Namibia travel stories

Private Parts in Zambia

I am far from a nun, extremely comfortable with my body, and if you describe me as "shy" in front of anybody who even remotely knows me "“ they'd laugh in your face. That said, I would like to think I'm all about respect. Respecting other cultures and their...

Caprivi People

Namibia differs from Botswana like day from night, except for Namibia's Caprivi Strip. On a map, it looks like the neck of a guitar, and stretches for over three hundred kilometers west to east, although it's only thirty to seventy kilometers wide. Along its seldom...

Chameleon Africa

Africa is a chameleon. I am only a day's drive away from Etosha - my most recent never-ending fountain of wildlife, and it's like I've landed on a different planet with its own magnificent and diverse population of birds and antelopes. Reminding me of my South...

Five-Hour Photo

She lay in wait and so did I. How famished she must have been, if only watching her hunt I've become so hungry I've risked getting out of the car, fetching my gasoline camping stove, and cooking up a hearty meal right there in the back seat of my double-cab truck....

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