LAS VEGAS, Sept. 1, 2005 — A new global Chamber of Commerce has entered the web business world with a unique mission to promote world peace. Founded and sponsored by Cultural Creatives, the Chamber’s stated mission is to create peaceful consciousness by maintaining a global membership of professionals who support peaceful enlightenment networking.

The CCGCC is open to all business people who are committed to living the principles and values of the purpose and vision of the organization, which is to:

— Support projects that foster positive change in the world
— Work with holistic/alternative practitioners on integrating their talents into a mainstream marketplace becoming aware of alternatives
— Create and provide a forum for alternative viewpoints regarding lifestyle and health choices
— Create and increase higher consciousness in business
— Provide opportunities for you to take your business to the next level
— To understand that ultimately our highest goal is to work together in Unity for the common good of all humanity and in the universe

Chamber membership will provide internet-based resources to assist in developing a business. Members will meet on the web and network with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, trainers and business members in the world.

The CCGCC provides many of the same functions as a city or regional chamber:
— Provide an educational forum
— Provide social awareness
— Provide networking opportunities
— Promote community outreach
— Create marketing events
— Promote business development skills

The most important benefit of CCGCC is the power of unity of like-minded professionals it supports. By being the voice of business, helping its members grow and promote collaboration, the CCGCC assures worldwide peace and prosperity.

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