Introducing the Pump House Anguilla

Arriving at Anguilla’s Pump House

The music thumped as the car slowly pulled to a stop in front of the Pump House Anguilla. I was on the tiny island of Anguilla and ready to walk off some of the calorie-rich and particularly delicious dinner I had at Blanchards, which is a popular restaurant and a short drive from the pulsing music.

I am not a club-goer as a rule but when on holiday on a Caribbean island I never make excuses for not doing everything. The Pump House is definitely an everything kind of place, for those looking to get an experience of a local scene, hear a bit of good music and have a drink or two.

Before I even entered the place, the crowd had already started, spilling out of the front door. I admit, I was a little intimidated. All the locals enjoying the vibe and I felt like an over-the-hill interloper. Of course, traveling and experience has always proved myself wrong in these situations and I marched myself in. My decision was a good one.

The Vibe

It was dark and crowded, and I have already offered a warning about the music, as it thumped louder once inside. There was a DJ in front of the room wearing a baseball cap, who appeared entranced by the tunes he spun. Locals swayed and grinded and to my surprise there were a fair amount of tourists, many who were just as non-club going, non-hip as I was. From the first drink to the last, we were all welcomed.

The Pump House really is not a club really. Mostly, it is a fun night out at a happening bar located on Sandy Ground. Historically, it is a converted building that was once used for mining and exporting salt "“ once big business in Anguilla. Old machinery still fills the Pump House along with good music and one of the best vibes in Anguilla.

Legend has it that the food is pretty good, too. However, my experience started after a late dinner and the place was still rocking as I left.

For more on the Pumphouse visit At the time of this writing the Pump House web site was still under construction.

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