North Korea

North Korea

What are you doing In The Know Traveler? You have a travel page dedicated to one of the most curious places on earth with a long list of human rights violations, poverty and military blah blah. All of this may be true, but I still want to go because it is far off the beaten path. It is because of all of its danger and reputation that I want to visit.
For the record, I, nor In The Know Traveler, is promoting North Korea as place to plan your next dream vacation. However, there are some hardcore travelers who want to travel everywhere in the world. So, we want to offer something to those travelers, like me. Again, I am one of those travelers who would love the chance to experience North Korea.
Legend has it that visitors to the DMZ through South Korea can visit a conference room where one side of the room is technically South Korea and the other is technically North Korea. I am not sure I would go out of my way to make this trip to walk around a conference desk but it may be a cheap and easy way to have a North Korean story to tell.

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North Korea travel stories

A White Christmas in North Korea

I had first visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) in October 2016 as a day trip from Dandong in China. I’ve always liked to explore places where few others dare to go, so I was very excited about my first trip (not to mention a little...

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Tour Both North and South Korea!

New York and Chicago…June 5, 2006 … The New York-based Korea Society* in cooperation with Chicago-based tour operator Asia Pacific Travel, Ltd**. is offering what they believe to be the first tour to KOREA – both South and North of the Demilitarized Zone – in more...

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