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Cenote Diving in Tulum

Sunshine blazes through dense greenery and I wobble on one foot, trying to balance while tugging a wetsuit over my sweaty skin. The two big guys next to me also struggle, squeezing themselves into tight wetsuits and shaking sweat off their faces. It's very strange to...

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Keep Austin Texas Weird

It was hot, way too hot, and I just came back from a whiskey distillery. Civilization was floating by through our window, while Eddie Vedder's Society was playing in the background. The thermostat read 100°, but inside the A/C was on full power. The interstate was...

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Silversmithing in Breckenridge’s Arts District

When I think of Breckenridge, Colorado, I immediately think of skiing, so I wasn't sure what to do when meeting a group of friends there during the off-season. Imagine my surprise to find myself trying my hand at silversmithing¦transforming clay into a silver pendant!...

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New Haven: Exploring Art and Architecture

About a little more than an hour drive or train ride from the metropolis of New York City lies New Haven in the state of Connecticut. A much smaller town, its fame stems from the fact that it is home to Yale University, the premier Ivy League educational institution....

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The Last Stronghold of the Navajo, Canyon de Chelly

Exploring the History and Beauty of the Canyon The last rays of the setting sun painted the canyon walls a deep orange as they turned the bottom of the clouds reddish. I was at Tsegi Overlook taking in one of the classic views of Canyon de Chelly. Tsegi (Say-ih) is...

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Travel in Place: The “Sonoran Dawg”

I haven't experienced the taste of a Sonoran hot dog since my first baby-steps into international travel. That was in the early 80's, and in all these years since I've yet to find a match. But travel and food are so linked -- the experiences of taste and smell in new...

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Italy May Have Invented Pizza,
but Di Fara Perfected It

New York is one of my favourite cities. I first visited the city four years ago, and it made a vivid and broad impression on me. I could not get enough of the towering skyscrapers, Times Square, Central Park, and New York-style pizza. Yes, I never knew that I would...

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Just Before Eight in Central Mexico

It's just before 8 p.m. when Héctor abruptly veers his white van onto the dusty shoulder. Hermanos Serdán International — our dimly lit destination — haunts us from across the interstate. This is so close that my accomplice could probably reach beyond his side...

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Essex Street in Salem: Discovering Witches and Mariners

Salem in Massachusetts, abounding in Puritan and American history is perhaps best known for the 1692 witch trials. My knowledge was restricted to magazines and websites which variously have described it as having a "witchy heritage, a haven for fans of "the occult and...

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