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Dog-sledding in Svalbard, Norway

After a late night wandering the streets of Longyearbyen, under the midnight sun, I was up early. Waiting in the crisp Arctic morning air, my breath visible despite it being June, I could see the tour van driving towards the guesthouse that I was staying in. This was...

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Hurtigruten Celebrates 120 Years

Hurtigruten Celebrates 120 Years Cruise Norway Tromsø, May 2013 – This summer, Hurtigruten invites its guests to join its 120th anniversary celebrations taking place on July 2. In all those­ decades of sailing the idyllic Norwegian west coast, with its many scenic...

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Watch “A Norway Passage” on PBS

A Norway Passage: The Most Beautiful Voyage is a film that takes viewers on an 1,100-mile odyssey, showing off Norway’s spectacularly scenic west coast and describing the country’s 120-year history of coastal ferry service, vital to the people living along the...

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Hike the Uncrowded Faroe Islands this Summer

GJOGV, FAROE ISLANDS -- At 62 degrees north latitude, in the heart of the North Atlantic Gulf Stream, lies a remote cluster of islands known as the Faroes, virtually unknown to North Americans. Lying halfway between Iceland and Norway, this archipelago boasts towering...

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Dive Into Norwegian History with 7-Day Ice Breakers Voyage

New York, NY, June 2011 – Hurtigruten invites guests to be immersed in Norwegian culture of old and present during the “Year of Nansen-Amundsen” with the seven-day Ice Breakers Voyage, carving the same path forged by the celebrated maritime pioneers.  As the...

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A Whiskey in Svalbard

It felt kind of weird fleeing a hot Swedish summer and going up north to the cold regions of the North Pole. Nevertheless, going to Svalbard during the sunny period, where temperatures are only a few minus degrees below-zero Celsius instead of the usual minus 30...

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Dogsledding in Norway

Expedition Log: Day 5 Loping wolf-like for five, 10, then 30 miles, the dogs willingly pull our wooden sleds with unflagging stamina. We stand, one foot on each runner, sliding over the snow-covered terrain and atop ice-hard rivers, leaning left, then right, shouting...

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A New Year’s Travel Resolution

All good travel starts with an idea. And what’s a more comfortable way to gather those ideas than armchair traveling with In The Know Traveler? To get your adventures started, let In The Know Traveler and a list put together by the United Nations help. While the UN...

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The Kingdom of Norway

Norway is a monarchy situated in Northern Europe. The Kingdom of Norway consists of the western and northern parts of the Scandinavian peninsula as well as the northern territories of Jan Mayen and the Svalbard archipelago, and Bouvet Island, Peter I Island, and Queen...

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The Øya Festival and Oslo Jazz Festival

Oslo really comes to life in the long summer days and nights of August. In an explosion of music, culture and dance, the many festivals bring an exciting atmosphere to the city that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. For an exceptional musical experience,...

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“Explorations” to the Norwegian Fjords

New York, NY, April 2007 -- Two new tours, the six-day "St. Petersburg Express" and seven-day "Scandinavian Capitals," have been added to Norwegian Coastal Voyage’s new “Explorations” program of short vacations. Whether combined with a cruise along the...

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The Remote Arctic and the British Isles Tours

BIRMINGHAM, AL, October 31, 2006 – For those who seek real adventure, breathtaking scenery and rare creatures from unspoiled locales, International Expeditions is offering two journeys in 2007 that will visit some of the world’s remotest regions. The world leader...

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