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Roadside Kindness in Queenstown

Hitchhiking in Queenstown Preparing for Queenstown So there I was—optimistic thumb outstretched, a sign that read “Queenstown,” an overweight backpack tipped over on the ground, and a cheery smile that I hoped didn’t look psychotic. I, like many, am a hitchhiker. It’s...

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Hello Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways Returns Fiji Airways A330 I was either one of the first twenty or so passengers on Fiji Airways new A330 or one of the last to fly on the old Air Pacific, depending on how I look at it. I am running with the former. With Fiji still fresh in my mind, I can...

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Eureka Ballarat, Australia!

  Discovering Australia's Golden Heritage If it was 160 years ago, I'd be squatting in mud swirling my pan away hoping to strike it rich. While I can still squat and try my hands at gold panning, the gold rush is no more and my chance of discovering anything more...

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A Day in Port Vila, Vanuatu

A Day About Lap Lap, the Mele Cascades and an Underwater Post Office I woke up to a glorious view over Vila Bay, with blue skies layered with water glistening like scattered diamonds. It was 7 a.m. and already the town of Port Vila was bustling with people, with the...

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Australia’s Newest Museum – M.A.D.E Opens

There were important looking people everywhere I looked, handshaking, posing and smiling into journalists cameras. I shrink away into the museum proper, a little shy among the larger press group and explored the interior quietly and found myself inspired by...

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Road trip through New Zealand’s South Island

Driving through nature's postcard It's like clicking through a stereoscope with picture after picture of gushing rivers, snow capped mountains and smooth straight roads. A different image appears at every turn of the wheel, whether static or moving, beckoning us to...

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Traditional Dance from Tonga

I was thinking about a failed attempt to visit Tonga this morning and I pulled this one off of the In The Know Traveler's youtube channel to present on ITKT in defiance of my failure. While I do not remember the dancer's name, I do remember shooting the video at the...

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Driving the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

On the Sunshine Coast, away from the coast lies historical towns of the Hinterlands I have longed for a long weekend away on the coast, soaking up much needed sun after weeks slavering away in an air conditioned office. When such day finally came, we took the...

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